Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring or Winter ?

Yesterday we drove by a tree dressed top to bottom in pink spring blossoms!
Today, was back to winter wonderland !

Since last May, when our friends from the deep south out for a Canadian vacation decided that they would love to come in winter I started praying for snow.

They are arriving here on Saturday and there is more snow in the forecast!
I apologize to those who don't agree with me ... but I LOVE snow ! It lifts my spirits and fills my heart with song ! To me there is almost nothing as beautiful as a winter wonderland !
While I do prefer to stay off the roads, we did have to be out yesterday so I snapped some photos ... from the car window !

For many, a place like Earls -- you can see the cozy lights inside -- was the best place to be !

My world was white ..... lone trees standing in a farmer's field .....

trees so bridal in appearance......

A barn with a red front contrasting with the snow....
A travelling ride park stood silent and empty ... the weather tooo cold for such outdoor activity...

Not everyone was prepared for the snowstorm .... and I always feel bad for those who are hurt or inconvenienced... We counted 7 or 8 vehicles in the ditch on our way home from grocery shopping ...... Some, like our neighbour, had probably already changed their winter tires for summer ones !!!

NOTE - I am going to be on vacation for the next couple of weeks and so my computer will be shut down.

I will be back mid March !!

If you are reading this, I wish you a blessed couple of weeks.... whatever the weather -- Our God reigns over it all - may He also reign in your heart !

Job 37:6 "For He says to the snow, 'Fall on the earth'; Likewise to the gentle rain and the heavy rain of His strength."


charlotte said... are right there is beauty in everything being winter white.....and i gave up complaining for lent...does lamenting count,I really need nicer weather in the praries. :-)
Have a wonderful vacation, what ever you do, be travel safe and stay healthy. We will miss you and look forward to hearing all about your adventure.

Lovella said...

Oh do have fun with your friends Julie. Since it was you that prayed for snow, I can hardly feel grim out here. I must agree it is the prettiest sight to behold. .

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Well you just have yourself a wonderful 'winter' vacation. Your pic's are most lovely...and I will (grudgingly) admit that it is beautiful, even if it really is spring!

Betty said...

Great pictures!
Enjoy your vacation!! Would love to hear where you´ll be...

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi There - BETTY sent me... you know, your Earls is only a few blocks from my in-laws place!

Well, here in the Okanagan, our snow is blowing all over ... there's a REAL ICY wind... not pretty, no trees covered. I was out brooming the drive and I almost frost-bit my ears!

I hope you have a good vacation!

~ Barb

Tammie @ Are You For Real? said...

I'm really looking forward to our winter vacation from the deep south to the snowy north, but I have to admit ... I don't know how our bodies will handle the climate change. You're all dressed in white, while I'm looking out my window at the beautiful pink Azalea blossoms and enjoying a warm 76 degree day! Oh well, sweet friendships always warm the heart, so I'm not going to worry over a few flakes of snow and a slight drop in temperature. See you Saturday!

Marg said...

I love your post with the winter scenes. My favorite is the one with the red barn. Great color and composition.
I hope you have a wonderful time and God bless you and keep you safe.
I hope you have some down time.

betty r said...

Have a wonderful vacation Julie.
Those trees covered in white are gorgeous!

Elsie said...

Have a wonderful vacation!

Vicki said...

I love seeing the snow photos. I've always enjoyed the snow, too...I just have a fear of driving in it. (Too many landings in a ditch and one on the side of the car!)

I'll look forward to your return. I hope your vacation is perfectly wonderful!