Friday, May 29, 2009

In Character / Out of Character

My youngest granddaughter belongs to a all-girl local drama group. We attended their year end production held in the University Theatre.

The play called for the girls to portray the lives of men and women in an old folks home!

I'm sorry the pictures I have are not the best... we were not allowed flash photography and the lighting and distance did not allow for award winning photos!

But I'll share a few pics anyway.

The group of girls.

My granddaughter, a very girly girl, was 'in character' as an old man. She is the one in the brown vest!

It was comical how easy it was to visualize some of the girls a few decades down the road. The costumes and make-up were well done.

"In character" --

Reminiscing over a game of bingo!

Now, out of character, after the play ... still wearing her costume and make-up, posing with the flower bouquets presented to her!

In the entertainment world when the person is being him-or-herself, he or she is said to be "out of character". The opposite is 'in character', which is a person acting or portraying someone else.

I was thinking how much we dislike 'hypocrites' -- acting contrary to who you are --- and yet we all love someone who when 'in character' does it convincingly.

What is the difference?

Maybe the answer is simple -- a 'hypocrite' is purposely hiding who he really is for a self-serving purpose. Someone 'in character' is portraying visually the story of someone else.

We rightfully admire someone's ability to do that well.
Did you ever stop to think that as believers we face that choice every day ?
Will be be 'in character' or 'out of character' ?

"In character" we of course portray the life of Christ through our words and actions.
How convincing are we ?
Or are we often caught being "out of character" - acting in our own flesh ?
My granddaughter, in the above 'out of character' photo still showed the visual evidence of her being part of the production's cast. When we as believers act 'out of character' we still show 'evidence' that we are indeed a member of the 'Jesus' cast' . Our profession, the bumper stickers on our cars, our church memberships --- people watching will see evidence that we are a cast member.

Just as a person 'in character' disappoints the audience if he acts 'out of character' on stage -- so also we as believers on the stage of life disappoint those watching if we act 'out of character'.

Let us look in the mirror each morning, and resolve to be 'in character' -- and make no excuses that allow for 'out of character' moments !!

Rom 13:14 "But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts."

Perhaps that verse could be paraphrased like this... "But remember to be in character of the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provisions for the flesh to tempt you to be out of character"



Betty said...

Love the new header!
Being hypocritical is something I detest. In me and others. I hope that I can be "in Character" always!

karin said...

Like Betty I must say that I love those white tulips in your header! Gorgeous! Congrats to your grand-daughter receiving flowers! With some people it is hard to know if they are real or sporting a mask. I have found that many a person who hides behind a mask, who pretends to be someone else, is one who truly wants to be real and might need a little help, acceptance, encouragement to get there.

Lovella said...

Julie. ..that is the prettiest header you have ever had. . .I love it.
OH .. and well done for the incognito photo. . truly I am certain I still will never recognize your granddaughter if I run into her in town.
Good thoughts ..

Demara said...

I like that, "put on" Jesus and basically "take off" the sinful nature that each one us is born wearing!

We have to really make an effort to "put HIM on" sometimes don't we?

I guess that's why the Bible says, "do not sin in your anger!"

Because I know for me that's when I'm most weak.

what about you?