Monday, February 8, 2010

A Miracle !

I heard an unbelievable story today .. unbelievable but true!
Maybe you heard it too on the evening news.

After being buried four weeks, trapped in the collapsed rice store in which he worked, the 28 year old man was found this afternoon.
He was dehydrated and starving but otherwise OK. He was taken to a hospital where he is recouperating. Aparently , he lost 30 pounds.

He was able to share some details of his ordeal.
He had heard the bulldozers working and had been afraid he would not be found in time.

When asked if he had had any water, he replied that a man in a white coat had periodically brought him water.
An angel ?? Ohh .. I think so !

The news reporters were quick to attribute his story to hallucinations.... but how then do they explain his survival without water for four weeks?

I love stories like this.

Why are we surprised to hear that an angel ministered to someone ?
Doesn't God's word tell us that is what they do ?

Heb. 1:14 "Are they are not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister to those that shall be heirs of salvation."

What an unbelievably amazing thing it is that a miracle working Creator is so interested in us... that He dispatched countless angels to minister on our behalf - whether we see them or not.

The only time I am aware that I may have met an angel, was a time I wrote about here.

Heb 13:2 "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels."


Anonymous said...

Dear Julie,

Thanks for sharing that story, it truly is a miracle, praise God!

Can you share with me please what story that was, I'm really intrigued for the details.

Kind regards.

Julie said...

Dear Anonymous... if you click on the word 'here' that is a different color font, at the end of my post.. it will take you to the story. Thank you for stopping by ! blessings!

Elsie said...

A mysterious man in white bringing water? Sounds like a possible angel sighting to me! And I love your story about Dr. Koo!

Anonymous said...

Dear Julie,

Thanks so much for pointing out the link, going right now to check it out.

Kind regards.

Lovella ♥ said...

Julie I listened to the doctors account of this on the CNN site. The pictures of the man are truly remarkable. .and won't it be interesting to hear what he says once he regains his strength. I wonder why him? Why not him?

Marg said...

It truly is a miracle...I loved that story...It will be so interesting to hear about there stories some day. I hope they continue to follow up on these miracles.

charlotte mgcc said...

that really is a miracle.....
how else could you describe it.
i had not heard about that, thank you for sharing that story with us.

Anneliese said...

A wonderful story . . . and I have no doubt it was an angel.
I wonder what the rest of the story (of his life) will be?

Sara said...

Amazing, Julie. I missed that story. And I read your own story too just now. Wow. I would not be surprised to learn there are many such stories that people don't talk about much.

Anonymous said...

What a miracle. I do believe with you that it was an angel sent from God. This mans story may yet be told by would be very interesting. Kathy (MGCC)