Monday, October 18, 2010

A Quote, a Deer, a Flower and Morgan

I read a quote the other day that grabbed me.
It is found in the Talmud, credited to Abba Arika -- he said .. "On the day of reckoning man will have to give an account of every good which his eyes beheld and which he did not enjoy!"

I immediately thought of the verse in I Tim 6:17 ... which says that God "gives us richly all things to enjoy!"
How often do we rush past something 'good' because we are in too big of a hurry to stop and enjoy it. Or so engrossed in our thoughts that we scarcely notice.

Perhaps it is easy to enjoy the detailed beauty of a helenium bloom or take time to capture a photo of coloured leaves against a blue sky or a curious deer peering through the brush.

But what about the 'good' our "eyes behold and we don't stop long enough to see it.
Like Morgan.
I met him when I was waiting in the doctor's office for my husband. I looked up from my book when a mother walked into the office with her 'special' son. His eyes were glazed but when he turned and saw I was looking at him , his face lit up with a smile and he pointed his finger at me and exclaimed "Merry Christmas!"
I smiled and returned the greeting.
He sat down across from me in the chair his mom indicated but his eyes stayed on me, continuing to happily wish me a "Merry Christmas!"
I wished him a Happy New Year, Happy Birthday and several other holidays which he happily repeated but returned to his favorite .. "Merry Christmas!"
I asked him for his name. "Morgan!" was his reply. "Merry Christmas!"
"That's a nice name, Morgan. How old are you?"
He giggled his answer .. "Eight!"
"No, silly!" corrected his mother. "How old are you!"
"Fifteen!" Closer but still not quite right. Sixteen was the right answer.
Conversation was not possible with him .. but communication was.
When he left the office he gave me another happy "Merry Christmas !" and I heard his happy giggle fading into the distance.
But the 'good' of his happy voice and cheerful greeting has stayed with me. It reminds me to look for the good around me and take the time to enjoy it !
We all know the scripture ...

Jas 1:17 "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning."
All things 'good' come from God as gifts to us. 'Good' fills our day, crosses our path, speaks to us through the voices of loved ones and strangers. It peeks out from behind the 'trouble' we would happily turn away from. It waits for us to notice on the other side of tears.
Do we watch for the good that surrounds us , look for it?
To not enjoy the good things things God has provided for us , is it not the acting out of selfish unthankfulness?
I know how much I enjoy watching my granddaughters enjoy the things I give them or do for them. Would God's heart not also be blessed to see His children enjoy the things He has so liberally provided ?
If we walk through our day looking for the 'good' to be thankful for and take the time to enjoy it, would our lives have room for petty unhappiness or discontent or aggravation ?
"Merry Christmas, everyone!!" smile


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

totally; true that Julie!
Two short stories: A few weekends ago I was trying to get up the desire to decorate the house for autumn. B. suggested we head out to take a hike in the autumnal woods. When I expressed my conflicted desires to join him or decorate, he asked me why I would want to put up man made decoration when I could be walking in the real autumnal splendor. brainer; we were out the door and the minimum decoration was done at another time when hiking was not an option.
Then today: I was driving to work and the trees along the freeway had changed colors over the weekend. I wasn't paying much attention to my driving as I enjoyed the splendid yellow and red trees, then I realized I was DUI-A: Driving under the influence...of Autumn!

ellen b. said...

Merry Christmas Julie! What a great word to share with us. I appreciated reading these thoughts...

Kathy said...

Yes...every gift is from above. There is a song to that verse that we used to sing often. It will be running through my head today:) I'll stop to appreciate the gifts around me just a little more after reading your post. Right now I'm enjoying the dessert beauty.

charlotte mgcc said...

I wonder if your post today, was Lovella's inspiration for her "broth art"?;o)...
it is so good to be reminded and really look, and see the beauty around us, not only in the visual, but the beauty in an experience like this young Morgan.
I really appreciated this post Julie, thank you.

betty r said...

Loved this story Julie and smiled my way through..thought of my son, he isn't verbal at all but oh does he communicate:)
Every good gift is from above..and we should enjoy each one.
Merry Christmas!

Anneliese said...

Julie, thank you for this story.. for the reminder to see the good and to appreciate it. I like the analogy of enjoying it when our grandchildren enjoy something we have given them. If do not acknowledge the good things God gives us, how does that make Him feel?

Marg said...

How beautifully written and I love how you wove the story of Morgan into your post. We need to keep reminding ourselves of the needs of people in this world, and smile and give them a High Five back...I love it.
Merry Christmas Julie.