Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fourth Advent -- Love

(photo - morning view of the fog-covered valley from my patio)

For God so loved ..... LOVE is the reason for the season. Because God so loved you and me He sent His only begotton Son that we might have eternal life!

I am reminded of the year my granddaughter was a four years old in pre-school. In her class was a little girl who could only be described as a bully. My granddaughter had determined that she must have a broken spirit and needed a friend. She would be that friend.

She tried and tried ..... sharing her lunch treats, inviting her to play with her, drawing her special pictures. My granddaughter even asked her Mom to take her shopping so she could buy her a very special gift that would certainly convince this girl of her love.

Nothing ever changed. While my granddaughter readily acknowledged that this little girl "was mean", she never referred to her meaness in a personal way - always it was with sadness that this girl did not know how to be nice.

So many times my little granddaughter asked me to pray for this girl, that her spirit would not be broken any more.

I wondered at the little girl that she could for a whole school year resist such persistent love and sincere offer of friendship.

While my heart ached to see my granddaughter's love so rejected, I thought of how it is a picture of us and God. We were hardly 'lovely' that God should have reason to love us ! It was "while we were yet sinners that Christ died for us !" Rom 5:8

And yet. even though we rejected His sacrifice, resisted His offering of Love and turned away from His incredible gift ... He loved us still.

Patiently He wooed us until we turned and recognizing His love let it melt our hard hearts.

Then we could say with the apostle John....
"We love him, because he first loved us." 1Jn 4:19

"Lord, when we see how great your love for us is , our hearts are filled with thanksgiving. As we celebrate this Christmas season with family and friends, may we remember that it is because of Your self-less gift that we are so blessed. May hope, peace, joy and love reign in our hearts and homes. Amen"


ellen b. said...

What a beautiful story of your granddaughter's tender heart towards this girl. A wonderful illustration of God's love. That photo is really stunning! Blessings...

Karin said...

Thank you for sharing your special story - very meaningful! Love that photo! Have a great Lord's Day!

Lovella ♥ said...

That is such a special story Julie. I know you are spending tender and valuable moments with your family this weekend. ..blessings.

Sara said...

Thank you for sharing this story, Julie. It truly is a beautiful picture of the way God loves us, and our need to open our hearts to His love.

Anneliese said...

Thank you, Julie. One thing that I have had to think about this Christmas as I think about giving ... is how God gave His very best... and now the reminder ... to a world that had turned from Him. How great a love!

Marg said...

I have so enjoyed this Advent Season in a way that only you can imagine. God's love is so outstanding isn't it.
And I will continue to pray for you in the New Year that his Love will be abundant for you my friend.

Menno Jeweler said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog, Julie. I'm enjoying reading through your inspirational and well written posts.

betty r said...

Your g'daughter sure has a tender heart, bless her. She is so like her Grandma!
Loved this post.