Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A False Bottom

One of my granddaughters is 'sneaky smart' .. She firmly believes that if I know what she wants or needs it is as good as if she already has it.  That is fine and good  .. until it comes to surprising her at Christmas!
This year one of the things she  wanted  was an expensive bottle of perfume.   I knew she would be expecting it.
So I decided, at the very least, to tease her a little.
When it came to wrapping the perfume,  I took a box , fashioned a false bottom and 'hid' the perfume  under it.   I covered it with tissue  paper and to throw her off  even more put a packaged tube of hand lotion  in the top portion   of the box.   It worked - even though I told her there was something else in the box ,  she never suspected the false bottom  believing the box to be as empty as it looked !

I find God has packaged His Word like that.  Much of it is in plain sight for all who open it but often gems of insight or truth are hidden - as it were-  under  a 'false bottom', and revealed only to those who are willing to diligently and prayerfully study His Word,  eager to find the 'hidden' things.  
Did God 'hide' them because He didn't want us to have them ?    No, I believe He hid them for the pleasure of those who seeking for them , find them !!
How often I read a passage of scripture and feel that nudge of the Holy Spirit whispering to me that there is more to the passage.. something I am missing.   And that excited rush of emotion motivates me to find the 'treasure'.   Sometimes I find it quickly, sometimes it takes a longer period of time and more diligent searching.   My keen sense of curiosity works well for me, keeping me searching until I find what  I suspect is hidden from those who take time only for a mere surface viewing.  

One of the many proofs that God's Word is truly God breathed is this very thing.  That  God's Word is never boring -  there is always something new to glean, some new insight, some new application, some new understanding, some detail that was previously missed  ..  though the truth of God's Word never changes.

It is God's desire to draw all His children into seeking out the treasures of His Word...   if we will but hear the voice of the Holy Spirit sent  to lead us into all truth.

Isa 45:3  "I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the LORD, Who call you by your name, Am (your) God .... "

** next post --  an example of a 'false bottom'  in God's Word.


ellen b. said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much truth there is to unfold in God's word...
Good job in your Christmas packaging!!

Betty said...

Finding precious nuggets in God's Word..I love that. And methinks Grandma is just as sneaky smart as her g'daughter:)

Anneliese said...

There is something very special and God breathed about finding those treasures in His word. You inspire me to go and look for that treasure!

Kathy said...

Julie, thank you for spurring me to further seek. Digging and spending time to find those treasures I so often miss.