Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Better to Chew With !

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Evolution is really an amazing process, and because it has such incredible wisdom I will here refer to it as IT.  I recently had occasion to be confronted with evidence of IT's intelligence, and was duly impressed!
At some point, in the Evolution of man,  IT decided that if human beings were to prolong life they would have to eat and since most food required chewing, IT designed teeth.  Amazing.  But IT soon discovered there was a dilemma.  Teeth large enough to fit an adult's mouth were too big to fit into a child's mouth, so IT quickly came up with a solution. Baby teeth until the mouth grew enough to accommodate the larger teeth for meat-chewing adults.  Good theory .. but how to get rid of the baby teeth to make room for the adult teeth... (never mind that IT had already figured out how to put the adult teeth in position up above the baby teeth).  Not a problem for the wise IT, so full of wisdom and creative ability.  A perfect solution was at IT's fingertips.  At just the right stage of development, the roots of the baby teeth would dissolve,  causing the tooth to become loose until only the edges of the gum held it in place until it easily fell out when the child bit on something hard or wiggled it completely loose. Now with the baby tooth gone, IT simply flipped the switch that called for the permanent adult tooth to drop down into position.
What a wonderful plan IT came up with !

Of course I am being facetious ... evolution, even as a theory, has no leg to stand on. IT is only a figment of man's imagination.
 Only an all-wise, all-powerful God could design a human body so "fearfully and wonderfully made".

I experienced something this week  - that triggered the thoughts of this post.

During a teeth cleaning, my hygienist discovered a potential problem below the gum line of a back molar.  She took an x-ray, I had a consultation with my dentist and he said he wouldn't know until he looked at it but he suspected that, rather than normal decay,  it could be a Root Reabsorbtion problem  -- meaning that  my body decided that  the tooth did not belong to me and  would therefore simply command my cells to 'dissolve' or reabsorb the root leaving the tooth vulnerable - chances of saving it being slight.  I have a wonderful dentist  and he surgically accessed the root, scraped out the destructive cells and packed the remaining root with a compound that hopefully will stop the absorption and allow the body to regain some root growth.

I had never heard of Root Absorption and sat down with Google to see what I could find. I learned, to my surprise, that while Root Absorption is very rare in adult teeth,  it is the process by which baby teeth make room for the adult teeth to come in. I found it strange that I had never heard this before!

But, it gave me pause to stand in awe of God's wisdom in how He created our bodies - it seems there is no end to the intricate details that God put in place to allow us to live and function in our daily lives.
How much we simply take for granted!

Again... I wrote this post to simply say ...

"I am in awe, O Lord, of your wisdom - of your infinite love and care in the details of your creation - from the beautiful flower in my garden to the workings of my body.  Thank you, Lord ! Thank you, that you did not leave this world to 'evolve' out of chaos, but your hand fashioned every bit of it. Your omniscient mind left nothing to chance, but everything designed in perfection.
You are the God I worship,
the God to whom I lift my praise,
the God I love, the God in whom I trust!"


ellen b said...

Interesting info Julie. Enjoyed reading your thoughts of awe. I hope your tooth/gums are doing well!

Anneliese said...

Fearfully and wonderfully made, we are!!