Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wild Beauty

Today after lunch, Vic and I went to the Cheam Lake Wetlands...a nature preservation project and enjoyed the walk and the view through our camera lenses.

As I admired the plants, wildflowers, the lake, the birds - the wild beauty all around me, I thought of how God took pleasure in creating it all! And how He declared it 'good'!
My heart warmed with amazed wonder that because we are made in His image -- we have the God-given capacity to recognize and enjoy the same things He does!
To love the things God made is to worship Him with thanksgiving.

Carolanne has a contest on her blog.
One of the rules to enter my name in the draw for the prizes was to post about a photogenic place within an hour's drive of my home - somewhere we would like to take her - and link back to her so others can enter the competition too!

So Carolanne, here are a few of the photos I took this afternoon!


Carolanne said...

That is very pretty!

I would love to go there with you and who knows, maybe I will one day? :)

James Janzen said...

You would think you were way up in the north or something. Hhhhmmmm

Nice Pics and quite the amazing story about the little girl. Actually quite strange and very unusual.

Lovella said...

Beautiful wet lands pictures, the serenity and quietness are noticeable . .and how is that possible?
Good luck on the contest.

Demara said...

OH it is so beautiful Julie! Can you take me there too? :)