Friday, November 16, 2007

By Chance or by Design?

“An Amazing Book”

Reading the story of Joseph one day, a couple of details caught my attention -- the fact that no sin is recorded for Joseph and he was sold for pieces of silver. It struck me that both details were also true of Jesus. So I put on my thinking cap and looked closer to see how many other details Joseph and Jesus shared.
I found 51....
What do you think? Is this by chance or design????

1. both were descendants of Abraham
Matt. 1:2 -------------------- Matt. 1:17

2. both names start with the same letter
J- oseph -------------------- J- esus

3. both were ‘first born’ of their mothers
Gen. 30:22-24 ------------------Matt.1:23

4. 12 brothers/tribes - Joseph -------12 disciples – Jesus
see Numbers 1:20-42 – there are 12 names designating the 12
tribes, counting Joseph would make 13,
Jesus had 12 disciples , counting Jesus would make 13

5. both were beloved of their fathers
Gen. 37:3 ---------------------- Matt. 3:17

6. both had divine callings on their life
Gen. 37:9,10 --------------------Matt. 2:5,6

7. both belittled/doubted by their brothers
Gen. 3:7,19 ---------------------- John 7:3,5

8. both wore a ‘special’ coat
Gen.37:3 ------------------------ John 19:23,24

9. their ‘own’ sought to kill them
Gen.37:20 -----------------------Matt.12:14, John 7:19

10. both were taken into Egypt
Gen. 37:28 ---------------------- Matt.2:13,14

11. both were sold for pieces of silver
Gen. 37:28 ---------------------- Matt.26:15

12. both were betrayed by one of the twelve closest to them
Gen. 37:22,27 --------------------Matt. 26:14

13. both were separated by ‘death’ from their father because
of the sin of others
Gen. 37:35 --------------------Matt. 27:46 , Is. 53:6

14. both were ‘restored’ to their father
Gen. 46:29 -------------------- John 20:17(16:28) John17:11

15. both left ‘glory’ to be humbled as a servant
Gen. 39:1,4,13 --------------------Matt.20;28 , Matt.12:18

16. the blood of a kid covered the sins of their ‘brothers’ before the father
Gen.37:31,32 --------------------Lev.4:22-24

17. both were falsely accused and brought before the courts
Gen. 39:18,19 --------------------John 18:12,13

18. Joseph has no sin ascribed to him, Jesus had no sin
------------------------------ I John 3:5

19. both were despised for giving a negative report
Gen. 37:2 --------------------Matt.21:13,14, Matt.23:27

20. both left their homeland
Gen. 37:28 --------------------I John 17:5

21. both were destined to ‘rule’ over their family
Gen. 37:10 --------------------Matt.2:6

22. both saved both Jews and Gentiles
Gen. 41:57 --------------------Romans 9:24

23. both rode through the streets lined by people who worshipped them
Gen. 41:43 --------------------Matt.21:9-11

24. both were tempted
Gen. 39:7 --------------------Matt.4:1

25. both were given Gentile brides
Gen. 41:45 --------------------Rev. 21:2,9

26. both recognized that what was intended for evil God turned for good
Gen. 50:20 --------------------Heb. 12:2

27. Joseph had two sons, Jesus had two flocks -- the younger one given the inheritance
(Gen. 48:19 --------------------Gal. 4:21-31, John 10:16
( the New Covenant inherits what the Old Covenant could not receive)

28. both ‘tested’ their brothers / disciples
Gen. 42 --------------------Mark 8:27-30

29. both had strong trust in God
Gen, 41:51,39:2,41:16, 40:8 ------------ Luke 9:35

30. both wept
Gen. 42:24,43:30,45:2------------------ John 11:35

31. both forgave their brothers
Gen. 45:15, 50:17,21 --------------------Luke 6:37

32. both spoke the word of God to the people
Gen. 40:8 -------------------- John 12:49,50

33. both hid their identity
Gen. 4:23 --------------------Luke 24:16, John 8:59

34. both began their ‘ministry’ at age 30
Gen. 41:46 -------------------- Luke 3:23

35. both submitted to being mistreated – example of meekness
Gen. 39:20,21,Gen.39:4-----------Is. 42:2,Is. 53, I Peter 2:22,23

36. neither were accepted in his ‘own’ country
Gen. 37:19,20 --------------------John 1:11

37. both died in a foreign land
Gen. 50:26 --------------------John 19:30.17:12
Joseph died in Egypt ( a type of the world)
Jesus died in the world having left His home in glory)

38. both went to a far away place to prepare a place for their people
Gen. 45:9-11 --------------------John 14:2,3

39. both multiplied bread
Gen. 41:49 -------------------- Matt. 15:37

40. Joseph gave bread for life – Jesus IS the bread of life
Gen. 41:57 --------------------John 6:35

41. both provided salvation
Gen. 42:2 --------------------John 3:16

42. both were rulers
Gen. 45:8 --------------------Matt.2:6

43. both suffered unjustly
Gen.42:21,Ps.105:18 --------------------Is. 53:5

44. both were buried with the rich
Gen. 50:26 --------------------Is.53:9, John 19:38-42

45. neither remained in their grave
Ex. 13:19 - John 21:14

46. both prophesied of things to come
Gen. 40:12,13 --------------------Matt. 24:24,25

47. both in recognizing their ‘mission’ were reprimanded by their parents
Gen. 37:10 --------------------Luke 2:48

48. both were shepherds - feeding their 'flocks'
Gen. 37:2 --------------------John 10:14

49. both were stripped of their tunics
Gen. 37:23 --------------------Matt. 27:28

50. Joseph was in prison with two criminals , one was set free
Jesus was crucified with two criminals , one was set free
Gen. 40:2,3 --------------------Matt.27:38, Luke 23:42,43

51. both prophesied concerning themselves – their future
Gen. 37:9 --------------------John 2:9

52. both were tested by God
Psalm 105:19----------------- Luke 4:1

53. both had a 'special' cup to drink from
Gen. 42:2...............................Matt. 20:22


Lovella said...

Julie, wow, did you come up with all of these on your own? You really did have your thinking cap on. I didn't check all the scripture but I'm sure you did and so I will just agree that this is quite amazing.
Nothing is ever by chance with God so it is then by Design.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I had always been taught that Joseph was a figurative image/foreshadowing of Christ. Thanks for listing the parallels.

Try your thinking cap on this detail: Joseph had two sons, and when the time came to give blessing to the boys, his father Jacob crossed hand, giving the young child the blessing that was usually afforded the elder child. Jacob then declared that in time the people of Israel would speak of those children's name as a blessing, saying May you be like Ephraim and Manesseh.

Originally the hand crossing bothered Joseph, he who was the youngest in his own family.

Why do you think that action bothered him?

Julie said...

Thanks for your comment Jill... I did list the crossed blessing in #27 in my list where both Joseph and Jesus gave the greater blessing to the younger son/flock..
It bothered Joseph intitially because he thought that Jacob had made a mistake because of his blindness. And it had been the age old custom that the greater blessing went to the oldest son.

Then Jacob saying that both sons would be called blessed (Ephraim and Manassah) is fulfilled by Joseph not being listed in the twelve tribes of Israel...but rather his sons Ephraim and Manassah each have their own tribe...
good point, Jill

Judy said...

It is good to check back on your blog, after being gone for a long time...I always enjoy your insights! There is so much in the Word if we only dig...thanks for helping us get equipped, and encouraging us to dig. And thanks for pointing out all the similarities between Joseph and Jesus...that is definitely not by chance.