Monday, November 12, 2007

Lest We Forget

Remembrance Day, a holiday in Canada today.
The words that come to mind on this day are the words that have come to be recognized as the words that symbolize everything this day stands for.

Lest we Forget !

Would it surprise you to know that God authored those words many, many years ago?

In Deut. 4 Moses says, “Now , O Israel , Listen….”
He is reminding God’s people of all that that has been given them – the privelges they enjoy because of the Lord their God.
He exclaims in vs. 7 and 8…….

“What great nation is there that has God so near to it as the Lord our God is to us for whatsoever reason we may call upon Him? And what great nation is there that has such statutes and righteous judgments as are in all this law which I set before you this day? “

Then he warns them “Only take heed to yourself and diligently keep yourself…..
He reminds them in vs. 9 to remember the things they have seen, the things that they have experienced and to remember to pass on their memories to their children and their grandchildren.

"Lest you forget !!!” (4:9)

He warns them of the dangers that will come upon them if they forget the covenant of their God and they begin to serve other gods.
He warns them that when their children and grandchildren grow old in the land and they have forgotten the law of their God and made for themselves other gods…then they will provoke God to wrath.
Again he says….

“ Lest you forget!!!” (4:23)

He warns them again in 6:12 , to remember that it was their God. that brought them out of bondage into freedom. And he reminds them to make sure that they teach their children that it was God who gave them the wealth and freedom that they enjoy. “

“Lest you forget !!” (6:12)

So today, on Remembrance Day… Let us not Forget ! …. to whom we owe our allegiance and our gratitude and our thanksgiving and our worship… and let us not forget to teach our children and our grandchildren what a great God we serve !!!

“Lest we forget !!”


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Lovella said...

Teary . . .

no wonder those words feel so powerful both when I see them written and spoken.

Becky said...

Thank you for the wonderful reminder!~
I wish I had time to visit you more often. I enjoy your view of life, and Christ!

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Thank you for this, Julie.