Monday, January 14, 2008

Airport 'Coincidence'?

(Russell, Carolanne, Nathan)

We were with some people recently and an older lady was saying that she had determined to read through the bible this year. She had just finished Genesis and commented on the fact that she had been impressed with how ‘normal’ it was for God to speak to people.
She asked, “Where IS that God today?”

I KNOW He is "the same, yesterday, today and for ever!!!" (Heb. 13:8)

I like what someone once said, “If you feel God is far away, guess who moved!”

I think that many people don’t ‘hear’ or ‘see’ God in their daily lives anymore because they are not looking for Him, or just simply too busy to notice Him. I believe that God speaks into the daily lives of ALL of His children and we just need to open our eyes and see Him.

Last week we went to the airport to spend a couple of hours with Carolanne and her family.
Carolanne is a friend I met on the internet but now that we have met in person, I guess that can be upgraded to ‘real life friend’. (Smile)

We drove the couple of hours to the airport, parked in the arcade and walked the short distance into the terminal.
It was only then that I realized that we had a problem.
It seemed so easy when Carolanne was in Australia and I eighteen hours away to agree to meet them at the Vancouver airport during their 5 hour lay over on their way home. But now looking around I realized that it was not going to be easy to find them since neither of us had had the fore thought to specify a meeting spot.
No problem!!
I had the flight number. I would just go ask where they would be and go from there.

Well, the airport computers had no such flight number in their system. I was sure I had written it down right but I asked at two different information centers and they showed nothing.
So what now?
The lady at the second information center was very friendly and said we should go look for them and if we didn’t find them , come back and they could page them.
We wandered up and around on the two floors and quickly realized we were not going to find them among the throngs of people moving about.

We sent up some quick prayers for God to direct us to each other.
I said, “Let’s just go have them paged.”
Vic agreed , “Ok. We can do it right here!”
For some reason I insisted on going back to the lady we had spoken to at the other info booth. Vic thought I was being silly but humoured me and we went back.
The lady I had liked was just leaving on her break but an oriental young man paged them for us. I was a little concerned that his strong accent made their names very unclear over the PA system but he did repeat it a few times so I trusted the Lord would somehow make sure Carolanne or her husband or son would hear it.

I stood and waited maybe 10 minutes and then I saw Carolanne’s face appear at the top of the escalator right near the booth. They had not heard the page but had just come through customs and were themselves wondering how they would find us since we had not spoken to each other recently nor arranged a meeting place.

If I had not insisted on going back to the ‘nice lady’ info booth… we may not have found each other --- or at least not nearly as quickly!!

And so we enjoyed a pleasant couple of hours getting to know Carolanne, Russell and Nathan.

I know that God directed our steps and that He was there!! He does care about the little details of our daily lives and I have found that the more I look for Him, the more I ask for His help… the more I see the evidence of His presence.

I know this is true for every one of His children!!!! Have you experienced His guidance in some way recently? Sharing your experience in the comment section would bless all of us !!

“My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me!!”
(John 10:27)


Lovella said...

Julie, your story of "conicidence" is so typical of God isn't it?

Just recently at the passport office, I had to drop off my dil to run some things back in while I waited with the baby. I decided to pause at the curb and found a 5 min spot but knew she wouldn't come around the building to look for me. So I waited a few minutes and then felt prompted to go around the block once more. When I came to the front of the building, a car was pulling out and left me a 40 min time on its meter .. right in front of the building where she easily found it.
Just retelling it again makes me so thankful for God's provision of the smallest details in our life.

Vicki said...

It's wonderful how God provides for us and takes care of us in these "small" ways that make me smile!

It's also wonderful that you and Vic were able to spend time with Carolanne, Russell, and Nathan. Next time they visit the US (in another five years, maybe??!), Doc and I will have to make plans to visit my brother in Bellingham!

truth said...

How exciting that is!

Demara said...

Oh Julie I'm glad you and Carolanne were able to meet up like that!

God guided me to Ps 91:11-16 recently.

He told me that He has COMMANDED HIS angels to GUARD me in ALL MY WAYS, by LIFTING ME UP, by THEIR HANDS...WHY?...well because
-HE LOVES ME and HE says he will protect me, because I acknowledge HIM!
-SPEAK to me when I call Him
-BE WITH ME in trouble.
-And HE says He will SHOW me His salvation.

Blessed be, my Father, who reigns magnificently, in power He sees all, knows all and hears everything! AMEN

Karen said...

I am so glad you met up with Carolanne and family (not that I've met her myself - you start to feel like you 'know' people via the blog after a while...if that makes sense.