Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is It Nothing to You ?

We a had a friend named Clyde who died of a sudden heart attack several years ago as he stood whistling at his work bench.
Clyde was born and raised in India and while his family was not Christian he was sent to the British school to get a better education.

He told of a large painting that hung in a prominent place in the corridor of the school building. Every day he walked past that painting, and always his eyes were drawn to it.

It was a painting of Jesus ..... and underneath were the words....
"Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?"
Poignant words from Lam. 1:12

Clyde said that those words tugged at his heart until he could ignore them no longer and he declared "No, it is NOT nothing to me... I accept the sacrifice of Jesus for me ! I want to follow Him!"

The words from Lamentations often flash across my mind..

When I see people rushing about so encumbered with the cares of this world.
When I see the carelessness of people concerned with petty things.
When I hear Jesus' name so disrespectfully used.

When I see a cross hanging from a gold chain around some one's neck, I have learned not to take for granted that they are wearing it to declare their faith. I will often ask, "Does your cross mean anything to you ?" Often the answer is "No, its just something I like the shape of." Sometimes the eyes light up at the question and the answer is in the affirmative.

Perhaps you stumbled on this post and have never considered what Jesus did for you. He was God, yet He humbled Himself to take on human flesh and walk this earth as a Man. He lay down His life, suffering the death of a common criminal. It was YOUR sin that put Him there... His love for you that held Him there !
Is it nothing to you ? Do you simply pass by?

Perhaps you have been a Christian all your life, and Jesus' sacrifice - His cross - has become 'common place' to you. Something you take for granted.
Can you go through your day and never once look up in thanksgiving? Has it become nothing to you also? Do you leave Him standing at your door knocking as you pass by, busy with the things of your day?

Jesus stands with His arms outstretched in love to you ... wanting you to know Him, wanting to be the most important Person in your life... How often does He speak and you turn away ? How often do you simply not hear ?

"Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?"



Vicki said...

The cross?
He's everything to me!!!

Strider said...

I find it interesting that "No one comes to the Father unless the Spirit draw him." I'm glad we serve a God who pursues us! It boggles my mind, as it did Davids; "What is man, that you are even mindful of him." Thanks be to God.

Lovella said...

wonderful post. . I hope that the ones who really need this today .. find it here.

James Janzen said...

Good Post! We sometimes need that reminder as it is easy to become so involved with the little things in life we fail to see the big things. What a great thought provoking picture.

Trish said...

Julie....this post was so wonderfully worded....I know you were lead to write these things today...for someone...maybe someone in the future who comes across these words....

Elsie said...

A sermon in a nutshell.......very powerful.

charlotte said...

what a beautiful
gentle nudging