Friday, July 11, 2008

Secret of Contentment

I love the old Amish saying ... "Too soon old and too late smart!"
It is true , isn't it ? We learn best by experience and experience takes time.

One of the things I have learned is that it is the simple pleasures of the day that fill my heart with contentment and love toward God.
And is it not true that when we have come to the place in our lives where we take the time to 'stop and smell the roses' we have come to the place where contentment dwells.

The simple things that gave me pleasure today are .....
the little wild bunny outside my window.....
The Robin going about his Creator's business - keeping the earth's 'population' of bugs and worms under control !

I watch him. He is already busy early morning and works until dark at night .

I observered and learned from him.
Distractions hardly disturb his concentration on the task at hand.
He listens, eagerly , his head cocked.... and then bounces over to grab the grub that unfortunately made some discernable sound.

I also noticed that his pleasure never diminishes as he goes about his work. Each time the sound of a bug or worm triggers the quick reaction of his beak, it is like the first time !

I have also marveled at his seemingly endless energy . He never loses that look of being completely engaged in his activity and couldn't think of a thing he'd rather be doing.

The Robin taught me a lesson today...... Am I so engaged in my Father's business that distractions hardly disturb me? Am I so eager to do His will that I can't think of anything I would rather be doing? Am I tireless in my pursuit of Him ?

Then I took pleasure in this Klamath Weed (I think hardly apropriately named) that I found growing beside the gravel back alley that I walk along to my daughter's house. It's beauty caught my eye though it was growing at the edge of a neglected, overgrown garden.

We sometimes grow weary, do we not? And wonder if there is a purpose in our being planted where we are? All around us is pain and sorrow and heartache and trouble. But what an opportunity to show the love and glory of our Lord in contrast.

And I was amazed at the large fuchia bud in my hanging basket !!

How beautiful and varied are the wonders of God's creation.
Has our great and wonderful God not given us so much to enjoy and treasure and learn from ?
What did you notice in His world today ?

Psa 69:30 "I will praise the name of God with a song, And will magnify Him with thanksgiving."


Demara said...

I learned that when you don't visit a place for very long-all kinds of changes occur.

Changes in plants, changes in persons, changes in looks...

I guess basically I saw "growth" today, in a lot of things.

Lovella said...

As I watered my flowers in the backyard the little finches tweeted above me on the tree branch .. so hoping I would not hurt their babies in the nest in the hedge. . I'm not sure they were too content at that moment. . but I sure was. I am continually awestruck that they do it right .. . with every nest of baby birds. I was also content as I watched the koi swim around and around and around thier pond. . No restlessness there either.

I felt utter contentment yesterday just being with my beloved relaxing after a week of work. . .knowing that our marriage is strong and healthy.
Praise God for that!

Strider said...

Another nice post. I once told my son (as he was complaining that I didn't let him make his own mistakes) that he can live long enough to make all the mistakes he needs to make to gain listening to a little advice from time to time would save him some headaches!

Sara said...

What a beautiful, joyful flower that Klamath Weed is! What joker gave it such an inappropriate name? It is absolutely singing with joy! I guess she (the flower) doesn't care what name man assigns to her; she is going to praise her Creator no matter what.