Monday, April 27, 2009

The Power of Perspective

"A new book hits the store shelves today!"

What determines the success of your life? No, it isn’t your birthright, nor is it in the abundance of privileges you are granted, nor the circumstances that happened to be in your favour! It is something much more simple than that and something that we all have power over – perspective !

Andy Andrews, a motivational speaker/author, plays the various themes of ‘perspective’ in the lives of his characters in "The Noticer”. Though this new book is a work of fiction…yet it is not fiction, in so far as the personal experiences that shaped the author’s own life are woven into his story.
A main character, Jones, moving phantom-like through the life-stories, personifies the wisdom that comes to all of us. It is our choice whether or not we - listen and apply the wisdom given us through the ‘noticers’ in our life – people who come alongside to encourage and motivate us.

There is an insightful principle tucked into each chapter that will make you think. One that stood out to me was the statement that it is not our own experience that is the best teacher but the experience of others. It is up to us to be willing to listen or read and apply!
I appreciated Andrews emphasis on thankfulness. He says “the seeds of depression cannot take root in a grateful heart!”

We hear a lot today about how a friend accepts us just the way we are. Andrews points out that a best friend is not willing to turn a passive eye – but rather has the courage to tell us the truth in order to motivate us to be our very best.
A thought-provoking definition offered for ‘wisdom’ is “the ability to see into the future the consequences of your choices in the present”.
The author also presents a unique insight on how to know if the one you are dating is the ‘one you will love to spend your life with’.
Though the book espouses godly principles, I was disappointed that God was not clearly revealed as the Source of all Wisdom.

The author’s intent in writing this book was to encourage and motivate the reader to reach out and take the time to encourage someone in their life – to share the right perspective that will empower them to turn in the right direction.

The book is a light, enjoyable read with deposits of depth.
It would make a meaningful gift to that special graduate in your life!


Lovella said...

Oh it does sound like a read that would be interesting. I was interested in the fact that he claims depression will not take root in a grateful heart. . I am thinking back to my own depression. . and I can't say that I wasn't grateful. . I was ill. So. . perhaps I will disagree on this point. .but I appreciate the idea that noticers in our life can have much value if we are willing to listen to those that have wisdom around us.

Trish said...

Yes....I posted a while back that my resolve in my very difficult situation was to find just ONE positive thing about the positive thing to say each day. I haven't missed a day. I found out....after nine months....rather than changing the situation...I think that I have changed....mostly it has been me. Who knew I could find that many things good to say or think when I felt like all was lost....and I had nothing but negative before about the situation. My attitude had to change. You are right and what a good post.

The Curnews (Demara) said...

I like "The Noticer"!

hmm...unfortunately I only have time for reading blogs, and emails (I'm glad I get the daily manna sent via the internet or else I'm not sure I'd have time to read the bible-'book'.

I don't know why, but I feel that in order to 'be able' to read a physical book a person has to have a lot of time on their hands!

betty r said...

'To encourage and motivate others' will in turn do the same for me.
Great post Julie! I haven't read the book, it sounds like a good read.

Elsie said...

I like the concept of "noticers".......if everyone would pay attention to wise noticers in their life, they could avoid all kinds of heartache and despair.....and I want to be a loving noticer to those around me who need encouragement.

karin said...

I tend to agree with Andrews that a best friend is not willing to turn a passive eye – but rather has the courage to tell us the truth in order to motivate us to be our very best. I count as my dearest friends those people who love me enough to confront - though their confrontation may make me emotional. I thank God for people in my life who care in that way! Good post!