Monday, April 13, 2009

Your Heart is Showing

photo courtesy by aussiegall

Some years ago, I brought some rolls of change into my bank. The teller shook the rolls out of the bag and looking down at them, glanced up at me asking ... "Did you used to work in a bank?"
I laughed and answered.. "No, why do you ask?"

And she replied.. "Your change is so professionally rolled!"

I offered an explanation. "For years when I was growing up my dad was the SS Superintendent and it was his duty to count and roll all the change. Every Sunday after lunch had been cleared away, it was our family ritual to sit around the table and sort and count and roll until all the change was taken care of!"

Where we have been, what we have done, and also what we allow to occupy our thoughts is all recorded in our heart.
And according to Matt. 12:34, "What the heart is full of" shows!!
-in our speech, in our actions, in our attitudes.

The disciple of Jesus, Peter, was observed and the conclusion drawn ..."You too were with Him!"

As we go through our day, what does our heart show?

Does it show that we have spent time in bitterness, in self-centered thinking, in self-serving pursuits?

or does the overflow of our heart show that.... we have been with Him ?

Do our words echo His Truth ?

Do our actions show that we are His disciple?

Does our life reveal a heart that is yielded to the Lord, obedient and humble?
Be careful what you store in your heart.
You cannot help your heart 'showing' ... but you CAN help what it shows.


Lovella said...

Such an awesome little thought for the day. .
This one will stick with me for a long time Julie. . thank you.

charlotte said...

oh dear...i often wonder what my heart looks like to others.
good thing God knows my heart and loves me anyways.
good thought provoking post julie as always.
it gets me thinking......thanks

i was thinking about those 101 step you talked about earlier....that my heart would do at all......:-(

Marg said...

It's called walking the talk.
Thanks for the visual. I love that.
Next time I'll call on you as I struggle up the 101 steps.

The Curnews (Demara) said...

SO So tRuE!

I better be careful not to reveal (through my speech or elsewhere) those secrets in my heart. ;o)