Monday, January 17, 2011

DNA - Two in One ?

Lydia Fairchild's nightmare began when she applied for social assistance.
A routinely required DNA testing revealed that while her boyfriend was indeed the father of her four children she was not the biological mother.
Even though her doctor vouched for the fact that he had indeed delivered her four children, his testimony could not stand against what was considered unarguable proof -- her DNA, which could not lie, did not match her children's.

Anxious two years passed with Lydia fearing her children would be taken from her.

Then, finally a breakthrough.

Her lawyer in his desperate search for some explanatory clues, discovered the information he was looking for.
What he learned was this. There are people in the world known as Chimeras. They are rare - only 40 known cases in the whole world.
A Chimera is a person who is literally two people.
In the womb life begins as fraternal twins, but for some unknown reason very early in their development they blend together and continue their development as one person. Interestingly, however, the original two DNA's do not blend.

Except where the DNA becomes an issue, as with Lydia, a Chimera would never know that they were really their own twin!

In Lydia, when extensive DNA testing was done, her hair and skin and internal organs were found to be of one DNA, but her reproductive system carried a second DNA - hence, her children had the second DNA. Routine DNA samples would never be taken from this part of her body.

Finally, in hearing the new evidence, the courts acquiesced, ruling that Lydia Fairchild was indeed the biological mother of her children.
Lydia's nightmare was over!
In hearing about this story on a TV documentary, and considering the facts, I realized that there was a spiritual significance in this story. Science confirmed or clarified something that in our natural understanding is difficult to understand.

God has truly put knowledge of Himself and His truth in His creation, as we are told in Rom. 1:20 "For since the Creation of the world, His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made....."

Christians accept by faith the statement that Jesus is declared by scripture to be wholly God and wholly man. For all of Jesus' thirty-three years of sojourning on this earth, He was regarded as a man. Nothing about Him attracted undo attention or set Him apart from other human beings - not until the 'God' part of Him began to be revealed in His ministry. Even then only those willing to see it ... saw it! The others hated him as a trouble maker and called for His death .. something they would never have done if they had seen Him as a 'supernatural' God !

We struggle to grasp intellectually the fact that Jesus was God yet was man at the same time. Yet, when presented with the fact that science has proven that one person can carry two completely separate DNA codes, something believed to be impossible - does that not suddenly make it easier for us the grasp that Jesus could indeed be TWO in one physical body?

Is it not altogether believable that two separate 'codes' defined who Jesus was ?



Lovella ♥ said...

This is fascinating Julie. I always marvel at how you find this really interesting material and then put it into understandable and such great comparisons for us.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Science ultimate agrees with scripture! I suppose in a way the mom was a surrogate mother, carrying her fraternal twin's offspring, while her own dna will not be passed down.

Kathy said...

I always find such interesting things here. You so wonderfully bring the truths of God to us in ways that I would never think of. I always like to see what you will use as your illustrations. You make me think and also see things through a different view....clearly.

Bev K said...

I'd never heard of Chimeras before and found your story fascinating. It brought a clearer picture to me of how God is both Divine human. Thank you.

Marg said...

You have blown me away again...You have such a capacity to see deep within. When I saw the words DNA...I was reminded that at the hospital it refers to
Do Not Acknowledge...and that has a different meaning again, as I had to orientate students around DNA

Karin said...

Just watched the show a couple of weeks ago about this case on Weird or What? Very fascinating! There are still so many secrets that God has kept unto Himself! He reveals only what He chooses us to know about Him. Enjoyed your spiritual application.

Anonymous said...

Good post! I wonder if Jesus was a literal genetic chimera--Holy Spirit DNA + the DNA of Mary?