Saturday, January 22, 2011

Glass Half-Empty or Half-Full

The question of seeing the glass half-full or half-empty has become a familiar defining of some one's outlook on life.
Interesting to note - in both glasses the liquid amount is the same. It is in the eye of the beholder whether the glass is in the process of being filled or in the process of being emptied.

Two people can find themselves in identical circumstances; one will see the meaning of his life draining out as in a half-empty glass, whereas the other will see his glass is only half-full leaving room for fulfilling purpose to be yet added!

Easy in theory.... not so easy to live out.

I love stories of people who inspire us with what they do when their cup is suddenly half-empty. and end up with a story worth telling !

I saw Leon Fleisher's interview on TV today. A well-known professional concert pianist. Then one day his cup was emptied.
A seemingly simple cut on his right thumb caused focal dystonia. His fingers froze into a permanent curl rendering his hand useless on the keyboard!
But music was his life and he determined that he would not choose to see his cup half-empty but rather half-full! So he became famous as a skilled pianist of concertos written for left-hand only accompanied by orchestra! For 40 years he continued as a one-handed pianist until doctors recently discovered that botox injections released his frozen fingers and allowed his right hand to once more join his left hand on the piano keyboard!

Fourteen years ago when I was diagnosed with auto-immune diseases, my first thought was of a half-full glass. I went to the Lord and with a troubled heart expressing to Him how I had been so willing to serve Him and had been so excited about the things I could do ! Also without my full involvement in our business our income would dry up!
The Lord's reply resonated in my spirit . He softly said... "What if you can serve Me better without perfect health?" "Yes!!" I responded. "My cup is truly half full !! Fill it, O Lord !!" and He did ! My challenges opened new doors greater than the ones that closed.

Joseph's cup was half-emptied when his brothers planned his death, he was sold into slavery, he was unjustly thrown into prison and forgotten. But God filled his cup by bringing him into a ruling position, second only to Pharaoh and through him saved nations , including his own family, from starvation.

Abraham's cup was emptied when he was told to sacrifice his beloved son... but God filled his cup by providing a substitute lamb and with countless descendants who followed his example of faith .

Paul's cup was often emptied by beatings, shipwrecks, stonings but God filled it by inspiring him to write most of the New Testament!

In Zarephath, a widow's cup was emptied when famine threatened her life and that of her son. But God filled her cup with the miracle of an unending supply of flour and oil when she gave her last morsel to feed God's prophet Elijah.

And Jesus' cup was emptied in suffering and death but God filled it with resurrection life! Not only for Him but for countless others who place their faith/trust in Him !

Is your cup half-empty today ??
Hold your half-full cup up to God and ask Him to fill it !


Lovella ♥ said...

Julie, I have often admitted rather weakly that I am a half glass empty person. I have never been dissapointed with what God has been able to do in my half empty state.
Great post to think on. Thank you for sharing.

ellen b. said...

You truly are an inspiration. Praying for you that God fills your cup to overflowing...

Karin said...

Enjoyed reading this post!

Sara said...

Thank you Julie! This is a very inspiring post and I'm going to tell my musician husband about Leon Fleischer's renewed hand thanks to botox. He will find that very interesting. When I determined to look at my glass and see what is in it rather than what is missing, life changed in many dramatic ways. Praise God!

Kathy said...

Thanks Julie! It is all in the way you look at it my dad always said. Fill my cup Lord!

Anneliese said...

I always though that half full was good because the focus is on what you have ... and has a better ring to it than half empty. But you have made half empty sound good, because it allows room to be filled and to be teachable.

betty r said...

I realize that I will have those 'half empty' days and pray that I will allow God to fill them up.
Great post Julie, thank you for sharing.

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