Monday, February 17, 2014

Ski Jumping in the Olympics


 With the rest of the world , I have been watching the Olympics.
 I am not what anyone would call athletic, but IF I was, I think the sport I would choose to excel in would be ski jumping!
What appeals to me about it ?   I think it is the graceful flying through the air and the thrill of how far you can be carried.
I feel the adrenalin expectancy of the athlete as he rises from the starting bench, feels the rush of speed and then experiences that incredible lift as he commits himself to the jump.
His speed propels him upward and he abandons himself to the air, resting in perfect form and position,  willing himself to go the distance before he glides down to a perfect telemark landing.
I love to watch the skier's 'holding' position as he flies  -  not a muscle moving, not a twitch of a limb. Even the slightest movement will break his graceful  form, causing the judges to deduct marks. More than a slight movement and he will either crash or drastically shorten the distance of his jump.

 Watching the Olympic competitors, I realized what  a beautifully apt picture  they present of our life in the Spirit.
As believers we are called to a life of faith - trusting - believing that the Spirit of God will lift us up and carry us the distance.
We are quick to mouth an expression of trusting words, but in practice,  how often do we flex our fleshly muscles or raise our own arm in self-help?  How often do we choose God's way only after our own efforts have failed ?  And then blame God because we don't like our 'jump' !
 How accomplished are we to simply 'rest' . letting the Spirit carry us where He will?
Have we  abandoned ourselves in obedience to the Spirit, quietly  submitted to His purpose and desire?
Are we so exercised that, like the Olympiad ski jumper,  we have nary a doubt that we will be carried and do not even think to hold back or fear where the jump will take us?
 Can we 'go the distance'  and win gold ??

"Be still and know that I am God"  
Ps. 46:10  
The Olympian ski jumper demonstrates this verse. The Hebrew for "be still'  means to cease struggling , to be slack, to give up -- in other words, Let God!


Kathy said...

I needed this today Julie, Thank you! Let go and let God. I'm enjoying the Olympics too....and marvel at their skill form and grace.

ellen b. said...

Love this Julie! thank you...