Sunday, March 2, 2014

Smarter than The Average Crow

I found the above video online this morning and wanted to share it with you !
God's creation never fails to astound and delight me !  The above example falls into my delight 'box'.
When I went to school I was taught that science had proved the difference between man and animal was that animals could not use tools and occupied their lives with the things they instinctively knew were necessary for survival.
But now we know, not only can animals use tools, but as the above video shows, they can also figure out how to 'create'  toys!
Who could have guessed that a crow could conceive of the idea that if he used a plastic lid as a sled, found a snow covered roof and then starting at the top, standing on the lid could actually have fun sliding down the roof !
What I can't figure out is ....  if I could fly would I think sledding was fun ?    Maybe its just in doing something 'different' that we find our fun, especially if we are a crow !

 There is a verse in Job where the Lord speaks and says ... 
"Who has put wisdom in the mind? or who has given understanding to the heart?" 
Job 38:36

 We look at examples in nature that amaze us and as in the above video example, we wonder .. "Where did that crow get his smarts from?"   and we are so impressed with his 'wisdom' .

Yet,  how often do we hold back from putting our trust in the One who is the source of ALL  wisdom.  The one who created the crow and whispered the idea of sledding into his mind.   If we can be impressed with the wisdom and ability of a crow who is a mere detail in God's creation ,  how much more should we be continually - without doubting - be impressed with the wisdom of our God ?
To be impressed by the crow and yet doubt God, is that not the same as admiring an artist's paintings and yet doubt the artistic ability or gifting of the artist himself?

I have heard several times this last week people express their questions about why God did this or why He allowed that or why He didn't stop this.
Next time we are tempted to question or doubt God's wisdom in His actions,  let us remember this little crow and how his 'wisdom' impressed us and then remind ourselves of how much more we should believe in the Infinite wisdom of God, in all situations, every day !
 If He cares to delight a crow in play,  will He not surely exercise His wisdom ,unfailingly,on our behalf,  whom He calls His children ?

  Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, to God who alone is wise, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.
1Ti 1:17


JMD said...

The video was so fun to watch. We marvel at God's creation each day and are fortunate to have lots of wildlife to view. I like to think God knew we would enjoy His creation and their antics.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What see the crow tobogganing down the roof! I like your closing statement...'If He cares to delight in a crow, will He not surely exercise His wisdom on our behalf?' Yes.

Sandy said...

Love from NC

Marg said...

This was such a teachable moment again Julie. How much more does God care about each individual and his expression of love for each one of us, in his own timing.

Anneliese said...

I can imagine that to be a fun thing to watch! It is so often heard today, how amazing nature is, without acknowledging the Creator... the One who created and continues to uphold the world by His power.
PS the video did not show for me.

Kathy said...

Fun video! Remarkable really. How much more our Father in Heaven takes delight in us. Thanks for sharing one of my favourite verses.