Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I went to the airport this week to pick up my Dad returning from my uncle’s funeral.
I am not a traveler -- but I love airports.
I could sit for hours and just people watch.
There was a sweet four year old girl with her brother and she kept hugging him and saying, “Mommy’s coming on the plane!”
When other children came up to the window she would ask, “Is your Mommy coming on the plane too?”
The father watched, smiling.
I love watching the people waiting for their loved ones eager anticipation on their faces, oblivious to all others as their eyes search for that familiar face.
I love watching the hugs when they meet….the kisses...the entwined arms when they walk away to pick up their luggage.
I love looking at the bouquets of flowers and gifts people have bought to welcome the one they are waiting for.
I watch the ones who are alone and wonder if no one cared that they were leaving? Or coming home?
My heart wrenches with the bitter/sweet tears and expressions of love from people who are saying ‘good-bye’ and feel their pain of being separated from family or friends.
Sometimes I hear snatches of conversation and I fill in the blanks.
People returning from a week-end or coming home to stay from being away at war or school -some coming from afar for a long-awaited reunion - or from visiting children or grandchildren -others returning from an exciting vacation wearing tell-tale souvenirs.
I love sitting in the midst of poignant life stories and catching snatches like quick pictures.

I think what I love about airports is that the peripheral is stripped away; priorities are sifted with love of family and home ending up on top!
Importance of relationship is in sharp focus – it is a time and place where hearts are warm with love and exhilaration.

I was thinking how airports are a picture of the ‘airport’ at the end of life. There is trip all of us will take one day, a plane to board for the life-to-come.
We have all stood at the ‘airport’ and said sad good-byes, while joyful reunions were taking place on the other side beyond our earthly view - but we have not yet boarded our flight.

There is a man in the Old Testament who was privileged to see more than most of us.
He saw ‘the plane’ come in to pick up its passenger ready to travel from this world to another.
Elisha stood with Elijah on the tarmac exchanging last words knowing this would be their last conversation , when suddenly there appeared out of the sky a chariot of fire drawn by flaming horses --- and Elijah was gone!
Can you imagine what it would have been like for Elisha to witness that? I’m sure fear would have been mixed with awe – the magnitude of the event been emotionally overwhelming.
(II Kings 2)
There was another time many years later, when a group of people again stood together exchanging last words.
This time it was Jesus who was taken up to heaven by a cloud.
It must have been an awesome sight.
It left the witnesses standing motionless, unable to tear their eyes away from the sky where Jesus had disappeared.
Two angels in dazzling white garments suddenly stood beside them declaring, “Why are you standing there gazing up into heaven?? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.” (Acts 1:9:11)

The life airport is busy. "And as it is appointed unto man...." (Heb.9:27)

Have you bought your ticket for heaven? Is your life in order?
Your flight may be called any day!


Anonymous said...

I like airports too! :-)

Lovella said...

I'm ready, the passport is up to date and I keep checking the sky to see if the plane is coming in.

I do enjoy finding out the things we have in common. Would it not be so fun to discuss this strange family phenomenon with the rest of the relatives that read this . ..quietly in their closets? hee hee

Demara said...

airports? I can't say I do like them or don't, I have never really thought ABOUT liking them SO...I don't know. It does seem funny to me but you know I understand.

I like compartments, I could stay in the Accessories department and just look in all the purses and wallets for hours, so there you go we all have are quirks, BUT I'm not sure there is a BIBLICAL story to looking in purses and wallets at all the neat nooks and crannys, is there? haha :) (I'm pretty sure Julie that YOU could find a biblical story for anything. You're so good at that!)

Carolanne said...

I like airports too for the same reasons you mentioned.

I also liked the way you "used" this story to illustrate the truth of being ready - like at an airport.