Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spiritual 'Dessert'

Just as we love the fellowship of friends and family around a table, so God also delights in His children enjoying a ‘spiritual meal’ together - sharing their God-experiences with each other. (Mal.3:16) .
One person’s experience shared is multiplied to feed many … just like the loaves and fishes at Jesus’ picnic.
Hearing of God’s supernatural intervention in someone’s life is like ‘dessert’. I love to hear the stories!!

I was thinking today of a story that I heard a while ago…I believe I heard it on a radio interview with a missionary. The story still thrills me when I think of it and I hope that my memory serves me true because I would like to share this ‘dessert’ with you.

A young lady ( I’m sorry but I do not remember her name) who was attending a university in India, came across a tract talking about a man named Jesus who died on a cross. The message intrigued her and she wished she could have a bible to read more about this man. She had never seen a bible and had no idea where she could get one. Her family was strong Muslim and Christianity was never discussed.
But one day a fellow university student passing her in the hall casually handed her a book saying, “Do you want to have a bible? I have no use for it.”
Wonderingly she took it, hid it on her person and began to read it secretly.

She understood the wonderful words of the book and when to her delight she realized that the man who was crucified rose from the dead and was alive, she accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour.
She wanted to share her faith with her family and while she knew it was at the risk of her life, she could not keep her newfound joy to herself.
So one day she told her family that she had become a Christian. At first they begged and pleaded with her to reconsider but she stood firm and refused to give up her faith in Jesus.
Seeing she was unbendable, her father and brothers became violently angry and threatened to kill her if she did not recant.
Bravely she refused.
Her father condemned her to die… she was no longer his daughter.
Her clothes were torn from her body and she was strapped naked to a chair to be electrocuted.
She had one final request.
Could she please die with her bible on her lap.
Her father declared her evil book may as well be destroyed with her, and it was laid on her bare legs.
They poured water over her and plugged in the extension cord with which they meant to electrocute her but nothing happened.
They tested the wall outlet , they tested the cord… all was in working order. But when they placed the raw ends on the girl’s body, nothing happened. They tried larger and stronger electrical cords but all to no avail.
The girl sat in the chair , calm and unhurt, praying to her God.

Finally the father exploded in rage and cutting her loose from the chair thrust her out of the house commanding her to never show her face again!

It was early evening, the sun had not yet set and the streets were full of people.
The young Christian woman, humiliated and covered in shame for her nakedness, ran as fast as she could through the streets. The people made way for her, staring - their mouths open in shocked bewilderment.
Finally, she reached the door of her friend’s house and her frantic knocking brought her friend to the door to pull her quickly inside. She lent her some clothes and willingly offered her shelter.

The next morning the friend’s curiosity did not let her rest until she went outside and walked down the street asking people what they had thought when they saw this young woman running naked down the street.
They were baffled by the question.
Again and again the reply was the same, “We did not see a naked girl running down the street. We saw a girl dressed in a beautiful white gown and we wondered where she going in such a hurry wearing such lovely attire.”

This girl went on with her education, took bible training and is now employed in full-time ministry with an organization focused on spreading the gospel.

Our God is real. “No man works like Him!”


Lovella said...

Wow. I've got goosebumps.

charlotte said...

hi julie
i loved the story thankyou. i found you throught lovella's blog but it was your comment on dawn's blog that intrigued me to read yours.......hmmm Jerimiah 9:23, 24 eh. i never would have pondered on these words before and have come to appreciate what it says. i am leading a woman's retreat and am speaking on prayer. if you are looking for something to write on and feel lead to write something on prayer or even a testimony of your own that you wouldn't mind sharing i would love to read it. i am really enjoying my new hobby of reading inspirational blogs.......perhaps i will have one of my own never know.

Julie said...

Thank you Charlotte, for visiting and for your comments. They are appreciated.. And I may take you up on the challenge..
And let me know when you start your own blog!!
I pray that God bless you as you lead the retreat..May you be blessed as well as be God's vessel to bless others!

Laura said...

That was beautiful. I have heard of similar stories. Miracles are so cool!

Kathy said...

We serve an awsome God. Oh for faith like this woman trust Him more. You continue to encourage and challenge me through your blog Julie. Kathy