Thursday, May 3, 2007

Post Script on Palm Sunday, Crystal Cathedral

Our God delights in performing the unexpected! Taking the foolish things to show forth His wisdom and power.

In an earlier post, April 22, I provided a link to hear the testimony of Robert Evel Knievel on Palm Sunday in the Crystal Cathedral.
Who would have guessed that God would use His testimony to turn that Sunday into an Acts II experience for that church.
Hundreds of people came forward to put their faith in Jesus Christ and be baptised.
The church leadership was stunned after the service. Having never experienced anything like it they did not know where to go from there. What was next?
Was this the beginning of a revival?

There is a Post Script to that Sunday service, a detail that went unnoticed until it was explained the next Sunday.

While Robert Schuler and four other pastors were baptizing the hundreds of people who came forward in response to the invitation to repent and accept Jesus, there was a man who was pacing back and forth across the back of the sanctuary.
A struggle was going on in his soul whether or not to follow Evel’s example and make Jesus Lord of his life. Should he? Could he?
When the last person had finally been baptized and Robert Schuler turned to walk back up to the pulpit the young man realized his opportunity was slipping away.
Suddenly, his mind was made up … and he ran up the aisle crying “One more, One more!”

The man was Trigger Gumm.
Who is Trigger? He is the four times World Record holder of motorcycle jumping.
The first man baptized was the former world record holder, Evel Kneivel, and the last one baptized was the present record holder, Trigger Gumm.
He thought he had come to see his hero -- little did he know he would take a leap that morning that would surpass all his record jumps. A leap from the earthly kingdom into the eternal kingdom.

Evel in his own words was a ‘real sinner’. He lived his life, in every way, contrary to the laws of God. But God came to die for sinners…. And turn them into saints. It is not often that we have the privilege of seeing such a dramatic conversion. If you saw that program or watched the video you know there is no doubt as to the sincerity of Evel’s testimony.

May God be his daily strength and comfort. And may the latter end of his life glorify God more than his former life glorified the enemy.
And may Trigger Gumm’s conversion on Palm Sunday also be real and lasting. He is still young and has his life to offer God in service!

What a merciful God we serve….. and how fair He is in His judgments.
In Ezekiel 33:11 we hear the cry of God’s heart…”I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live… Turn, Turn, from your evil ways!”

Beautiful Dorothy Benham , Miss America 1977, sang a heart-stirring song at the end of that Palm Sunday in Crystal Cathedral. The words thrill my soul!!

“Ride on, King Jesus, Ride on!!
No man can hinder Him!
King of Kings, Lord of Lords,
Jesus Christ, the first and last!
No man works like Him.”


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Lovella said...

I saw that service as well. It gave me goosebumps.

How amazing.

Julie said...

Thank you! Biby for your comment and for letting me know you are there! God bless you!

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This was so nice and short know I actually got shivers half way through reading...