Friday, August 8, 2008

Darwin is Dead - Let The Truth Reign

Charles Darwin had no idea ! Or - maybe he DID have a sneaking doubt when he said…
“If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous successive slight modifications my theory would absolutely break down.”

His own mouth would judge him if he lived today. He would have to admit that in the light of modern scientific discoveries his theory has absolutely, completely broken down!! Although science has proven his evolution theories to be impossible, his followers are not as willing as Darwin to admit defeat!

Darwin’s Evolution Theory is only 150 years old but has already fallen into the scrap heap of disproved assumptions. God’s science , written into His Word, is 6000 years old and has yet to be proven false in one small detail !! I LOVE for God to be right .. and I LOVE for man’s science to have to bow the knee to His Truth !!!!

For Darwin’s theory to stand -on even one shaky leg- the cell, which is the primal building block of all life , would have to stay very simple. Science has proved that the cell is anything but simple, but is instead a very complex and complicated factory full of machines , all in miniscule scale. Every tiny intricate part of these machines is necessary for the whole to work.

The cell was once thought to be "a simple little lump of albuminous combination of carbon." To Ernest Haeckel (who coined the phrase ‘simple cell’) it seemed that such simple life, with no internal organs, could easily be produced from inanimate material.
Haeckel’s mistake was that he looked only on the surface. Had he had the advantages of today’s technology he would never have come to the same conclusion.

Nothing God does is ‘simple’. His intelligence is far beyond the comprehension of man’s small brain. I doubt that comparing our human brain to that of an ant… would be a fair analogy of our intelligence compared to God’s. His ways and thoughts are far beyond our limited human grasp !!

And yet God has allowed us to have enough intelligence to be impressed, amazed, overwhelmed and perfectly awed by Who He is !!!

I fear that in our modern ‘magic’ age of technology we are so enthralled by what man has accomplished that we have unreasonably elevated ourselves to a perceived level of cleverness that allows us to delegate God into a little box called ‘religion’ and leave Him out of our normal thinking or day to day activities or our observations of His world.

There is nothing you can look at, nothing you can experience, nothing you can conceive of, where God is not present in some very real way !

If you are interested at all in science there is a fascinating documentary about the cell and it’s amazing ‘machines’ – each machine put together following detailed instructions and fulfilling its predesigned function without fail. Find the documentary on line here… Scroll down the list of categories on the left to Religion, then over to Creationism and then click on Intellegent Design- Unlocking the Mysteries of Life
While this documentary is anti-evolution it does not mention God. It is left completely to the listener to conclude what the alternative to Darwin’s theory could be.

"The fool has said in his heart,'There is no God.' " (Ps. 14:1)



Nicki said...

I have been constantly amazed whilst reading Lee Strobels books about the scientific theories that science has disproved that are still being written in textbooks and taught in schools.
Lee Strobel was very anti-God, he grew up in a Christian home but during his high school years was convinced that science disproved God. He became an investigative journalist and in later years his wife became a Christian and he set out to prove how wrong she was. In the process he discovered that science had lied to him over and over again and was led to the Lord.
His books include
The Case for - Faith
- Christ
- Creation
- Easter
and some others in both a youth and adult version. Very enlightening reading.
Have a great day! May the Lord bless it richly and you be a true blessing to those around you.

Strider said...

"There are not many wise, not many who are noble that come to know God. For he uses the foolish things of life to confound the wise." Man would rather believe a lie than the truth wouldn't he? Nice post today. Have a great weekend.

charlotte said...

isn't it the truth julie.....that people just believe what they are told regardless of how much sense or the lack of it makes. today when i read proverbs 9 in the new living translation it says that we shouldn't bother to argue with fools. frankly who really cares who is right and who is wrong. if people aren't ready to hear the truth they just won't hear it, no matter if it makes sense or not. keep up your great devos. they are very wise and insightful.

James Janzen said...

I really enjoyed this video. I really find it interesting that evolution basically has only one rule: "intelligent design can never be considered as an option!" With the discovery of dna which forms billions of instructional data in order to construct the "simple" cell it becomes very difficult to believe there is no creator involved in the beginning of life. I have forwarded this link to several people who are hard core evolutionists. Thanks for the great post!

B Wiens said...

Hello! I found your blog, through a comment on mennonite girls can cook. You have beautiful pic´s and I love your writing. We live in Paraguay, but have a daughter in Canada and lived in BC for 8 years, so I´m always glad to find blogs from there. I´ll be checking back for more reading!

Lavinia said...

Amen and well said. A much higher power is at work here. What tells one cell to become a liver cell, another cell to become a fingernail, another cell to become a thigh-bone, etc etc etc. We are not just lumps and masses of mindless cells! The merest glance at the world should show the intelligent mind that there is an artistry and design evident in all creation, that could never, ever, be just a 'random' occurrence.

Jesus said, "the hairs on your head are numbered".

Demara said...

Yes God is beautiful, intelligent, and those hiking landscapes (from the previous post) extravagant!

Elsie said...

This was really fascinating! The scientists in the video did an excellent job of demonstrating that it would be impossible for the complex systems within a cell to happen randomly and that the only possible explanation is intelligent design. I wonder when and if this information will ever filter down into the public education system?