Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lost Identity

Sometimes I just feel 'out of my element'.
I feel like the real me would just prefer to be somewhere else !
Those of you who know me will probably smile and think .. Hmm... she must be going on her yearly camping trip !!
While I love the outdoors, and the fellowship around a campfire, the beauty and stillness of nature around me -- I just don't like being without those creature comforts I have become accustomed to. I really like indoor plumbing, running water, electricity - simple basic things!
So yes, tomorrow I leave for a few days.
But I will be back with a smile that says .. "I survived camping yet another year !!"

Speaking of feeling out of your element - I'd like to tell you about a certain owl.
The photo of the White-breasted Barn Owl below was taken by my daughter this summer when she and my granddaughter went on an interpretive tour that included seeing up close several varieties of owls.

The Barn Owl is a nocturnal animal that feeds on mice.
This particular owl pictured above has lost his identity !! Not only is he afraid of the dark , he is also afraid of mice!!
At night in his enclosure , his handlers have to leave a night light on for him. If they don't, the person who opens the door in the morning gets scolded with screeching shrieks which he keeps up all day in retribution. His is not a quick forgiver.
And he will not catch his own mice. He is afraid of them ! The hunter afraid of his prey ! What fun the mice could have if they just recognized this owl's fear !!

When my daughter showed me her photos and told me about this owl - I laughed, of course !
But then I thought of how this silly owl quite accurately portrays many people !!
Man was created to live in the light .... but he prefers to do his sinful deeds in the dark.
He was created to glorify God... but instead he glorifies himself.
He was created to fear God and have power over the enemy. But superstitiously man fears the enemy and denies the existence of God.

Man searches for meaning and purpose in life and finds that nothing seems to satisfy.
He is out of his element.
If he would return to that which he was created to do ... Life would suddenly become all he could hope it to be. And not only in this life .... but forever in the life to come !!

"I have come that they might have life ...and that they might have it more abundantly!"
John 10:10


Demara said...

I LOVE that quote! Jn 10:10

have a good camping trip, yet again!

Betty said...

Thank you for another beautiful post! You really make me think and I like that.
I agree with everything you wrote, that´s the best part!
Have a wonderful camping trip! Can´t wait to hear the new "insights" you have gotten while in nature.

charlotte said...

julie bless you...i love your heart. i just read your post on the shack and love that you got so many comments....people do read and care what you have to say.
have a great time camping, i know that you will appreciate God's creation, created for your pleasure. you will return with some revelation i am sure of it!! and look forward to hearing all about it.

Lovella said...

Julie, I'm praying the sun will break through this weekend. There isn't much that I can do about the lack of plumbing in your tent .. but I can pray for better weather .. have a great time with your family and we'll be looking forward to lessons from nature.

Strider said...

You need to go "Glamping" instead. Infact, I did a post on this over the 4th of July weekend. In general, Glamping is "glamore camping" still get to smell like the camp fire, but the big Class A motor home you go in can provide nothing less than the comforts of home! I hope you have a nice weekend c-c-c-c-c-c-c-camping!

James Janzen said...

I agree with Stider! Rent a motor home. Doesn't have to be a Class A for just a week-end. A nice 28 footer would do. Then you have your running water, electricity, stove, fridge, bed that's not on the ground, etc.
Have a GREAT week-end.

Lavinia said...

I echo Strider's sentiments....have a terrific time and I hope the weather is co-operative....

truth said...

Your posts are always so refreshing. Looking forward to hearing how you survived your camping trip. In those kinds of places, when I'm out of my element, I usually don't want to hear what God is speaking. But when I do, I am truly humbled and yet amazed at His gentleness, love, and His wisdom. (One would think I'd quit being so surprised, but that's what makes Him so amazing.)