Monday, August 4, 2008

God's Garden

Mt. Outram is my favorite mountain. It stands 8,000 ft above sea level with an elevation gain of 5,900 ft. It is the highest summit in the Cascade Mt. range - not an easy climb but worth the effort!

I have climbed it twice...once a long day hike and once overnight camping in August when we awoke to the mountain covered in snow.
My husband climbed it last week with a friend and brought back some beautiful photos of the mountains meadows of flowers.

The winters on Mt. Outram are harsh, covering the mountain with snow most of the year. In the two months or so that the ground is exposed to the warming rays of the sun, a profusion of flowers make their appearance. Their life is short but their beauty unsurpassed.

I love to give God glory for the amazing wonder of His floral garden displays that outdo any human gardener. Only God can make a mountain.. and only God can speak the flowers into bloom!

Enjoy the photos !
The lake we camped beside.

The day was cloudy so the views were hindered ... but on a clear day from the peak of Outram the mountain vistas stretch into the distance as far as you can see !

Psa 72:3 "The mountains shall bring peace to the people." There is a sense of peace that is undeniable on a mountain. Enjoying the stillness of the mountain heights far above the madding crowd of the earth somewhere far below and far away is an awesome feeling. The presence of the Lord is so real !

"The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come." Son 2:12


Vicki said...

Amazing! Who could look at all that beauty and deny God's existence?

It's so hard to believe that something so beautiful and seemingly so delicate could grow in such harsh conditions. Definitely a lesson there...

Lovella said...

Julie. . amazing climb. The pictures are gorgeous. It looks very much like the hannegan peak climb. . I'm going to look that one up. The flowers are just wonderful.

Strider said...

Beautiful. I love the sub-alpine and alpine reaches of the Cascades. I have always been amazed how God provides flowers in such remote areas......areas where very few people can enjoy them. Never the less, I think God just enjoys putting beauty everywhere and the earth sings his praises. Nice post.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I am surprised you ever left the mountainside with all those gorgeous wild flowers! It give Texas wild flowers a run for it's money for sure, and no humidity to boot. I would never have imagined such beauty, and am SO glad you posted these pictures!

James Janzen said...

Looks like Vic hit the perfect time to capture the beauty of God's gardens. Great Pics!
You get the same peaceful feeling when flying and is a lot less work! :-)

Nicki said...

SPECTACULAR!!! Thanks for sharing>

charlotte said...

breath taking....God is such an artist. what a gift to us, thankyou for sharing these pictures.