Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Purple House

our Purple Lupin lined path

The little house, recently sold, was non-descript no more.

Whereas for many years it barely got a passing glance from by passers, now it was the talk of the town.

What changed ?

The new owner, a painter by trade, decided to use the little old house as an advertisement for his skill. The new house colour was purple with red gables and yellow/green trim. I’m not talking muted designer colours, I’m talking primary - out of a child’s crayon box ! It looked like a larger than life child’s play house.

The purple house stood on a long country road that I travelled most days to and from my own home.

One day I was taking my daughter’s teen friend to our house. . We small talked and then she asked me a question. “How will I know the right man for me?”

I thought a minute and realized the perfect answer lay on the road before us.

I said, seemingly changing the subject, “On this road there is a very unusual, one of a kind house… Point it out to me when you see it.”

She answered, “What is unusual about it ?”

I replied.. “You will know when you see it .. if you have to ask .. its not the one!”

She looked out the car window carefully scrutinizing the houses we passed. One had an unusual roof line and caught her attention… “Is it that one?” she asked. I smiled… “You are asking , so no .. that is not the one.”

Several more times she , with varying degrees of convictions pointed out a house that had a number of unique features. Each time my response of “Are you sure?” brought doubt.

We were nearing the purple house… It barely came into view… when my young friend gasped and with unwavering conviction in her voice said … “THAT ONE!” I asked her if she was sure, but there was no moving her this time! .

I said.. “Just as you recognized the unusual house when you saw it, is the same way you will know the right man for you. When you meet him, you won’t have to ask… ‘is he the one?’

I was reminded of this purple house the other day and how it provided such a great learning lesson for my young friend.

But then I was thinking how it can be an even greater lesson to all of us.

So often we face challenges, choices, decisions. Our life path could go several ways.

We are advice seekers.. We ask professionals, we ask our friends, we ask anyone we think may have some wisdom to impart that will enable us to make the right decisions - large or small.

But do we look for the ‘purple house’ ??

Seeking professional or especially godly advice is a good thing and the bible commends those who do it.

But the ‘purple house’ is when we seek and find God’s word on something.

Then we need no one’s advice… we know that we know that we know the right thing to do. The ‘purple house’ of scripture’s “Thus says the Lord…. “ ends all discussion.

How diligent are we in finding the purple house of God’s thoughts or commandments… or are we content with man’s opinions as they fit with our natural inclinations? Do we try to find the one who speaks a comfortable ‘interpretation’ of God’s Word or do we seek to know what God plainly says.

I love a little motto I had on my fridge door for years …

“God said it, I believe it, And that settles it for me!”

“ The entrance of Your words gives light….Direct my steps by Your Word …I rejoice at Your Word as one who finds great treasure ! “ Ps. 119:133,147,162