Saturday, October 14, 2017

Misplaced Anger

I love my hummingbirds and make sure their feeders are kept full of sweet nectar. 
But I often feel hurt, because they don't seem to appreciate me at all even though I am providing them with a constant reliable source of food - as much as they can drink !!  
Again, today I took the feeder down to refill it and I could hear one of the hummingbirds clicking behind me, scolding , angry that the feeder was GONE !!  It was less than a minute before it was once again hanging in its place and he was again at the 'flower' enjoying its sweetness. 
I thought .. "Silly bird, why can't you trust me? 
Why can't you recognize that I am the one taking care of you. " 

But then, I wondered ... "God is that what your children are like too?  Do we hurt your feelings too because we do not trust you?"
As long as we are enjoying the fullness of life and  eat of its sweetness, all's right with our world and we are happy and thankful. Our praise to God flows easily from our lips.
But then come the times where suddenly the sweetness is gone and a vacuum gapes in dark caverns where before we enjoyed life. The things we took for granted are suddenly gone, and we don't know where we will find another fountain to drink from. The unthinkable happens -  that unexpected curve in the road, that experience that cuts to the quick, that shock that leaves us adrift.
And then, though God speaks softly to us,  we ignore His voice and blame Him instead.
We cry out ,
 "How could you let this happen to me? 
 How could you let me suffer?  
Why did you not prevent this disaster, this tragedy, this difficulty, this pain?" 

Just like my hummingbird, we never consider that maybe God is 'refilling' our bottle.  Maybe the 'break' in our life is needful for the 'best' that God has planned for us. Maybe God is wanting us to refocus  on Him, because He notices that we are being distracted by things that would take us from Him.
Just as I was perfectly aware of what my hummingbird needed and was providing it, so also God is perfectly aware of what I need and is in process of providing it.

Could I not be a little more trusting and patient, knowing that He does all things well? Knowing that His eye is always upon me, even when I don't 'feel' it.  Knowing that His thoughts are always for my good?"

"Knowing this, that the trying of your faith works patience ...  but let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, wanting nothing."  James 1:3-4