Thursday, February 17, 2022

 My New Book is out!

It is available in bookstores and from Amazon 
(sorry - couldn't make the link work.. but in books, 
type in No Word Wasted Julianna Joy Klassen 
and it will come up.) 

Over the past two years, to keep my ladies' Bible study group together I put together an online once-a-week e-version of our Morning Break women's morning at church.  
After some time I began to get some comments that the lessons I wrote should be for more people than just our group - could I not put them in a book or something?  I smiled, but did not take the comments very seriously.  
I  had  never considered compiling the lessons into a book.  But God has a way of first planting a 'seed' and then watering it, confirming it and guiding our steps.  
So, as you see, the book happened - thirty-five of the lessons I wrote over the many months - 90,000 words - one at a time! . 

The title came to me after much thought, but I could not come up with a cover design.  I thought and thought and scoured the images on Adobe and elsewhere to get ideas but nothing seemed right.  
I finally decided to just leave it open for the publisher's designer to see what he would come up with,  Then one morning I woke up with a word in my mind. "Dandelions"   My immediate reaction was 'perfect'.  .
We all know a dandelion does not 'waste seed'..  and God's word is compared to seed that is sown in the hearts of man. 

The back cover of the book ,which you can see on Amazon, gives a good overview of what the book is about, so I won't repeat it here. 
The book process  has been a lot of work but rewarding work which I have enjoyed and working with FriesenPress has been a joy. 
My prayer is that the book is a blessing to those who pick it up.