Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Believe You Can !!

I love memorizing scripture.  I love to have it hid in my heart where I can pull it out in the sleepless hours of night or any other time - no matter where I am or what  I am doing.
I do not have a photographic memory, nor do I have what I would call a good memory.
So if  you lack in one area,  you make up for it in another. I have developed aids that trick my memory into holding onto something.

I recently told a friend who does not memorize that I could in one sitting walk her through to where she would be able to recite the 23 Psalm.  She said she would be very surprised if that were true!
Well, she was surprised and I was pleased !   She was able indeed to recite the Psalm and still knew it a few days later.

If you will stay with me through this post I will make the same promise to you!

All you will need is your imagination.   It is a wonderful aid that God has gifted us with. I think it is underdeveloped in most people today because of all the visual technology we have in our everyday life that too often makes our imaginations  unnecessary.

So, are you  ready to accept my challenge ?
It has been proven that what we SEE significantly raises our ability to remember and recall with accuracy, so we are going to turn Psalm 23 into a movie.
Psalm 23 is, I'm sure, familiar to you and you would recognize many lines of it but not many people can recite it with all the 'pieces' in the right order.

First thing to note is that this movie's main character is Jesus !   As the first scene of your movie comes across your mind's screen you are looking at Jesus , standing in a field dressed in a Shepherd's robe.  He is looking at YOU because you are the supporting actor  in your movie.
If Jesus is your Shepherd and you are His 'sheep',  will you suffer want ?   I would think not ...
So here are your first lines ....
"The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want!"  
What are the two greatest needs of a 'sheep'?   Food and water.
Did you know that a sheep will not eat if it does not feel safe?   nor will it lie down if it feels at all anxious.  Paint a scene of a lush meadow of green grass, the Shepherd near and all is peaceful. You have eaten well of the green pasture and have lain down to rest.
So the next line of your script reads... "He makes me to lie down in green pastures" 
A sheep who has eaten will be thirsty. The Shepherd knows and beckons the sheep to follow Him to the still waters.   Why still?   a sheep will not drink from turbulent or moving water.   Jesus is our Living Water, our Peace.   So He leads His sheep to the still waters to drink.
Next line... "He leads me beside the still waters."  
You drink, turn too quickly and OOPS ! you fall down !  Did you know that if a sheep falls on its back it cannot get back up unless someone helps it ?  A Shepherd would be quick to see a sheep that has fallen... one that is troubled, anxious and upset and He restores it again -- sets it back on its feet.
The next line ... "He restores my soul."  uses the Hebrew language that refers to this action of the Shepherd  picking up His helpless sheep.
Now, the Shepherd has set you back on your feet,  and you are ready to walk.   He leads the way and you follow.  Can you trust the paths the Shepherd will lead you on will be good paths? righteous paths?   of course!  Why ??  Because He Himself is Righteous!
"He leads me in paths of righteousness, for His name sake." 
The mountain paths are beautiful leading through cool treed forests and open spaces ....  but then !  the path takes a sudden turn and you gasp !   You are looking down into a dark valley, that sends chills of fear through your body!  But your eyes turn to your Shepherd, He looks deep into your heart and you know !!!  "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil , for You are with me !!" 
You see in the Shepherd's hand His rod and His staff.... Sometimes the Shepherd knows you need discipline, sometimes testing, sometimes rescuing/protection, sometimes healing -- all come through His rod and His staff and often they are used in the valley. Your movie's next line ....
"Your rod and your staff they comfort me !"  
So you follow close behind your Shepherd as the path winds down into the valley where you see your enemies lurking , waiting , hoping that they can lure you into their traps.   But you keep your eyes averted and look to see what your Shepherd is doing.
You are now at the bottom of the valley and you watch in amazement as your Shepherd busies Himself with something --  You soon see what He is doing !  You are surprised and pleased !
"You prepare a table before me in the midst of my enemies !"  
 He seats you at the table with a smile and pours the oil of His Spirit over your head.   Your enemies can do nothing, except watch helpless from the fringes of the valley.    Then the Shepherd pours His blessings into your cup -- not just until it is full ... but keeps pouring even though  it is overflowing !
"You anoint my head with oil, My cup runs over !"
You are overcome with love, devotion and praise for the Shepherd who loves you so !  and you rejoice with the realization that ... ."Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life !"   
and that's not all !!
"and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever !"    

Run through the movie again in your head and see if you remember the lines of your script.
Let me know your personal review of your movie !