Saturday, April 13, 2024

Deception can Look Good !

I don't know how familiar you are with the term Spiritual Formation but I would be surprised if you have not heard of it. If it isn't familiar to you, I'm sure it soon will be. 
 Spiritual Formation / Contemplative Prayer, teaching. is gaining acceptance in our churches, and if you have not seen Stephanie Griffin, then I highly recommend the podcast linked below. 
 The deception is growing so quickly! I have followed it for the last 20 + years and am very alarmed to see how 'open' it is becoming -- churches, schools, seminars, retreats, small groups etc. -- in fundamental Protestant denominations. 

 Stephanie Griffin, the girl interviewed on the podcast is a nurse and has come out of nine years of new age/contemplative life and practice. 

 I'm sorry, I don't know why the link below won't let you click and connect but you can copy and paste it into your Google search bar and the podcast will come up.   
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Monday, April 1, 2024

 Truth is Unchanging 

 Please watch!   If you have already watched this short video,  I know you will enjoy seeing it again.  It so pointedly  addresses  the fallacy of  modern thinking,  'my truth, your truth'.

Pastor Matt on Sunday shared a conversation he'd had that week with someone who had bought a car from a man who had lied about what was good about the car as well as what was bad.  When the purchaser contacted the seller , the seller said .. "Oh, just sell it to someone, telling the same lies, that's how cars are sold."   The seller?  A pastor !  
I recently purchased some 'pain relief patches' from Amazon... only to learn that they were 'knock-offs'.  The box was the same, the listed ingredients were the same, but they didn't work. One small  word on the front of the box was not what it should have been.  
Who can we believe today?  I hate having to question everything I hear !!!  

BUT ...  I am incredibly thankful that I know where the truth can be found. We have God's Word and it has not changed in thousands of years.  Nor has God changed any 'jot or tiddle' of the scriptures we have in our Bibles .
After we watch the video (link above)  we want to brush it off with a comment ,  "But that is so obviously true - of course 2 plus 2 equals 4."   But .. think again ... how many once unquestionable truths are today not only put in question but blatantly cast aside as false, outdated or just plain 'not true anymore' !   You don't have to think long to come up with a list! 

There is a man in Australia who has come up with the 'cure' for mankind that will eliminate all the suffering in the world !  His name is Jeremy Griffith and he has founded a fast-growing movement , called "World Transformation Movement".   
What is the secret to solving man's problems - to end violence and evil?  In uncovering the problem it was easy for him to come up with the solution.  Man's problems all stem from the fact that he has been made to believe that he is a sinful creature and guilt has evidenced itself in all kinds of pain, chaos, violence and suffering. . 
The solution ?  We must believe the 'truth' -- that we are not inherently sinful, but rather quite the opposite.  We are all basically  'good'.  And believing that to be ' true' is life-changing, revolutionizing the world!!!   

We are remembering an event that DID revolutionize the world, changing it one soul at a time!   - the death and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Jeremy Griffith is 'too little and too late'  and his message useless and  totally false !  

God, our Creator, knew exactly what man's problem was and He was willing to give His life to set us free !   All we have to do is accept His free gift of salvation, bought and paid for with the suffering and death of Jesus. Proven by His miraculous resurrection!  

Jesus Himself declared that He was the "Way, the Truth, and the Life"  John 14:6. 
He is the Way -  Today... the popular message is there are many ways to God - He is a loving God who accepts anyone who is 'sincere', no matter what path they follow. Yes... I agree!! 
ALL... every human being, no matter what path they follow, no matter what their religion is or even if they have none -- their chosen 'path' will lead them  to God . They will one day stand before God's throne of judgement and if they did not come 'by the way of Jesus' , they will hear the words .. "I never knew you!" 

He is the Truth -- Ephesians 4:21 declares that "The truth is in Jesus".   Not just the truth of the gospel, but ALL  truth.   Two plus two equals four because that is God's truth.  His whole creation is built on 'numbers'.  A fascinating study.   Truth has no 'grey areas' -- In God there is only 'truth' and all else is a lie.  We need to reject anything that does not line up with God's Word. Our Bibles are NOT outdated !!   
In Acts 16:17 we have the story of the demon possessed girl that followed and annoyed Paul and Silas.  She called out .. "These men are the servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to us the way of salvation."   Even the demons must tell the truth when they are where the Lord and His followers are. 

He is the Life --  Interesting, isn't it, that as arrogantly as science claims to have the truth, they cannot define what  'life' is,  how it started, nor can they create it. And they will never be able to understand until they recognize the GIVER of Life, the One who IS Life.  We have passed from 'death unto life' - and will live forever in glory with Jesus.   That is what we are celebrating this week-end!  (John 5;21,24) 

Quote - "It's not about the bunny, it's about the lamb!"  author unknown