Sunday, April 22, 2007

Evel Kneivel

My husband put his back out a few days ago and is still suffering.
When he said he didn't know if he wanted to go to church Sunday- sitting is hard- I just said,"We'll stay home tomorrow and you just rest...We'll find a TV service."

Well, we did.
I was up before Vic was and clicking through the TV channels hoping to find a good service, I caught a few minutes of Hour of Power. Schuller's guest was talking and when I realized who it was I found another channel where the service was just beginnning and I taped it.
Vic and I watched it together and we were really blessed. The service was a very moving one.
The guest was Robert Evel Kneivel who has become a born again Christian.
His testimony is a wonderful encouragement to those of us who have loved ones we are praying for.

Instead of posting the blog I had ready, I'll save that and will post a link to listen to Evel Kneivel's testimony instead! The website offers the worship service in three sections.
The song Miss America sings at the close of the service is beautiful!!

Maybe some of you caught the program today .... but in case you didn't here is the link.

Evel Kneivel on Hour of Power



Demara said...

This was so very neat! I watched it with Jeff a bit!!! You know I had heard his name said before but I had no idea who he thanks for sharing Julie...Oh and I loved the nice short post *wink*

Lovella ♥ said...

Julie, I'll watch the clip a little later, thank you for posting it. I sure hope your DH is up and about really soon. Back problems really can be diffictult to get over.