Monday, November 10, 2008

A Pillar or A Wind

When you need security, something you can trust….would you choose a pillar or the wind ?
The answer a given ? Maybe not, considering how many people choose to put their trust in the ‘wind’.

Eph. 4:14 talks about how ‘children’ "are tossed to and fro" following the wind … teachings, doctrines, opinions of men that blow and swirl around them. The wind is tantalizing, exciting, something you can ‘FEEL’ ! It moves you to toss aside rational thinking and go with the heady flow! Join the crowd!

In contrast stands the pillar. Tall, strong, made of stone or marble! Unmovable, let the winds blow! A strong support! A beacon … seen from a distance, grounded firm and reaching for the sky! The ageless pillar standing through countless generations.
A pillar does not come to you … you must go to it !

In I Tim. 3:15 truth is compared to a pillar ! “the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth”

So man's opinions, erroneous doctrines are pictured as a wind, and God's unchangeable truth as a pillar !

Have you ever been caught up with a current fad teaching that had everyone buzzing with excitement … and then after a time it became passé …. until a new wind began to blow ?

I think this is especially true about end time teaching.

Look back and remember the winds of teaching that have blown through through the church, ….. whether it was someone with an infectious charismatic zeal complete with charts and predictions or whether it was a movie or book series. All of them had their time and then receded , just like a dying wind.

Someone asked if I wouldn’t share my thoughts about end times, considering the current state of affairs in our unstable world.

I hesitated at first because I really don’t like conflict ….. and I know there are many varying opinions on what the end time scenarios will look like.
But as I prayed about it I began to sense where the Lord would have me go. A simple path toward the pillar, ignoring the winds.

So, if you are interested.. come back over the next couple of days and I will share my thoughts with you as to how I see the simple teaching of scripture regarding the return of Jesus - without the frills and ruffles of man’s hype and creative license.

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Betty said...

I can´t wait! I will be there!

Lovella ♥ said...

. . .sitting in the front bench as it were.
Thank you Julie, we don't need more opinions . . .what we need is God's truth, simply stated.

Demara said...

I'll try to make it.

They talked a lot about the end times when I was in Christian Elementary School.

And it's funny how so many people thought Jesus was coming at the turn of the century.

Perhaps we are currently experiencing the End Times right now...and they could be just that! End Times plural. Continuous. Never ending. Always getting worse and worse till Jesus returns! How will we know Jesus' is near?

I can't wait to hear what you have to say about this.

charlotte mgcc said...

julie...i look forward to this.
i honestly believe we need more truth as well, and less of......."well i think"
i am always so amazed at how people can just twist God's word to suit there own agenda. bless you as you seek His truth to share with us.

Elsie said...

I choose the pillar. Our pastor is currently preaching through the book of Revelation. He's not making any predictions or putting names on the antichrist or anything like that (those have been "windy" topics in the past!) but focusing on the plain truth. So I'm really looking forward to your added insights!

Anonymous said...

"A simple path toward the pillar, ignoring the winds." Sounds like a perfect plan ... I love simple paths and I love the pillar of God's truth ... it IS a strong tower. I look forward to walking toward the pillar with you.

Lavinia said...

Hi, catching up here so I read this post first. I am eager to read more. Regarding end times, as other times, one must remember all of the bible's warnings about false prophets. I think the world is full to bursting with false prophets today. Has it always been like this? I don't know, I can only speak for the age that I find myself in. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on this.