Friday, April 3, 2009

Knock, Knock! Who's There??

This is Robin. He lives in my backyard.
Robin is not just any robin doing what robins do – eat worms. No, he is Robin on a mission.
Robin is being territorial – he is protecting his ‘turf’ (quite literally) from any intruder – that is - any other robin that might have designs to steal or destroy what is his!

Robin knows exactly where his enemy is … he is lurking just on the other side of my downstairs windows… and Robin’s daily duty is to chase him away – Every day … from 7:30 in the morning ….He has been at his post faithfully for three weeks!

I filmed him at his work…… (sorry, I forgot that you can’t turn the camera when videoing .. but you’ll get the idea)

Watching him .. and smiling at his insistent ‘knock, knock, knock’, thoughts filtered through my mind….
Foolish Robin? Maybe… how about foolish us ?

There is a verse … that is a critical look at human nature, coupled with a dire warning.
Rom 2:3 “And do you think this, O man, you who judge those practicing such things, and doing the same, that you will escape the judgment of God?”

Robin is convinced there is an enemy that must be dealt with… never realizing that it is his own reflection in the window that he sees.
How often do we look into the ‘glass’ and see an enemy …. little realizing that we are really looking at our own reflection.

I feel sorry for Robin wasting his time chasing away a non-existent intruder.
Yet, how often do we --- instead of taking ownership of our own sin and failings-- blame others and circumstances - wasting our time accusing and growing bitter.

I can’t believe that Robin doesn’t have a splitting headache by now – with all that pecking against the hard glass. How much of our pain is caused by our unforgiveness, our inability to let something go , by our insistence on claiming our rights !!

I look at my windows --- they are filthy dirty from all of Robin’s protesting
. That is all his efforts have accomplished --- a muddying of the glass and obscuring my view!
When we lay blame elsewhere, refusing to admit that the problem lies within us, we accomplish little in our life except a muddied smudged up 'window'. We obscure not only our own view but also the view of others. Our attitudes, our choices never affect us alone, but the ‘dirt’ from our fleshly reactions, also affects those whose lives we touch.

Next time we are tempted to shift blame, indulge our flesh in self-justification , point fingers…. Lets remember Robin and learn from his example the futility of it …. And lets rather open our bibles and find God’s answers to our life situations.

Psa 119:37 "Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, And revive me in Your way. "


Betty said...

This is so how we are, Julie! It is so hard sometimes to see that not the next person is to blame, but we should look at ourselves first! Something I need to work on. As always, a great post!

Demara said...

So neat Julie. I've never seen a bird repeatedly hammer themselves against a window! interesting write up on the scenario too.

Marg said...

How true, Julie. It's hard to take our own blame. It's easier to shift it along and not deal with it.
Great illustration. Simple to understand.
I walked up your area this morning.
Heavenly and beautiful breezes were sent your way.
That's a beautiful walkway.

Elsie said...

Yes, sometimes I wonder how God can be so patient with us when we are just as silly as that robin.....

Betty said...

We have had the same thing happening at our house with robins..well not this spring as we are still waiting for robins to show up! I like your take on that, good post Julie!
Beautiful header!!

Trish said...

What an interesting post Julie. I love how you were able to use this little robin to give an illustrative lesson. Birds are teaching us lessons are they not? Thanks for the lesson today Julie.

Anonymous said...

The bird will repeatedly bang into your window in an attempt to drive away the "other" bird. The best way to stop this behavior is to make the bird's reflection disappear. Close the window curtain or place something by the window or turn on some lights inside the room.

When your windows reflect the trees and sky, a bird may fly right into the window and break its neck. Millions and millions of birds die this way each year. The only way to prevent this is to put up a net in front of your window, especially during migration. The birds bounce off the net, shaken but alive. Strips of mylar in front of the window may also work. You need to tell the bird "Don't Go Here!" Making the reflection disappear will also help.

Julie said...

Thank you, Anonymous.. I have already tried all of your suggestions .. but this robin has a one track mind.... I didn't try the net .. but the screen doesn't stop him .. so I doubt the net would except to entangle his poor toes... He doesn't seem to be any the worse for wear ... he hops off very happily to catch his worms.

Lovella ♥ said...

Ah .. .wonderful post. .I appreciate that the Robin has offered himself for the object lesson. This one reminded me of the Sunday night childrens features that would present object lessons. .that I always loved.
I could easily think of numerous points well taken for my own life in this one. . thank you Julie.