Saturday, June 27, 2009

How Big is your Faith?

There is a tree that is only mentioned once in the bible, the Mulberry Tree.
(If you would like to see a picture of a Mulberry tree you can see one here)

Luke 17:6 records the words of Jesus... "If you have faith as a mustard seed you can say to this mulberry tree,'Be pulled out by the roots and be planted in the sea' .. and it would obey you."

Jesus spoke those words in answer to his disciples request... "Increase our faith."

A friend of mine called yesterday with happy news. She had just become a new grandmother!
Almost nine months ago she called me telling me her daughter was pregnant -- and my faith immediately responded - I BELIEVED in nine months a baby would appear!

I thought about how often as I walk through a day do I exercise faith --- I plant a tiny seed and have faith that it will grow into whatever the picture is on the package it came in.
I need faith every time I sit down on my computer -- the whole thing seems like magic to me -- but I have faith that when I push on the little letter buttons my thoughts will be sent out into space and YOU will be sitting there reading what I wrote!

So the question is not whether or not I have the capacity to 'believe' what I do not yet see.. but where do I direct my faith.

Every time Jesus spoke He always used words that were most descriptive of the truth He was presenting.

I love the contrast in the word picture He used to respond to His disciples qustion about faith.

The mustard seed -- the smallest seed of the herbs
The mulberry tree - a huge tree growing up to 130'

I did a little research on the mulberry tree and found more interesting details pertaining to this tree. It is very fast growing, it is very hardy - growing in most any soil caring little if the soil is poor or dry. Its root system spreads out ...and it is almost impossible to kill. You can cut it down, drill holes in its stump, fill the holes with Roundup concentrate and it will come back without missing a beat, bigger and better than before!

Two words intrigue me in this verse recording Jesus' answer regarding 'faith'.... "OBEY YOU" . That is something we don't often consider , do we? We bring our requests before God ...and hope that God will hear and give us -- the thing we have asked. And we are told in scripture to pray in this way ....
But this verse , it says that we can speak and the 'mulberry tree' will obey US !!

So what is Jesus saying? If we have a tweeny bit of faith, we can uproot the biggest problem and transplant it in the midst of the sea where it is - not just cut down threatening to grow again - but removed to where it is gone forever!

I will not be going around speaking TO my 'Mulberry Tree' problems or concerns, but I am reminded that when I pray, things happen !!!
God said so!!!!


Anonymous said...

apYou have obviously not understood the distinction between "faith" and "belief" - you CHOOSE to believe in these fairy tales .. which is understandable based on your upbringing. Yet if you used your mind - such as the one you use to navigate your car, do your taxes, and protect the ones you love - you would realize that asking someone to accept the biblical legends, is as ridiculous as asking someone to accept Zeus as their personal savior. As comfortable as it is - it is a lost theology nonetheless ..

Julie said...

Anonymous, I'm sorry that you have CHOOSEN not to believe in God. He created you and created the world you live in. Look around you, do you not see evidence of a Creator?
I think there is a 'wishing' in your heart that God be true, otherwise you would not have commented... If you dare - ask God to reveal Himself to you... and you will find that He is NOT a lost theology but a very real Person.

charlotte mgcc said...

BELIEVE–verb (used without object) 1. to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully.
–noun 1. confidence or trust in a person or thing: faith in another's ability.
2. belief that is not based on proof: He had faith that the hypothesis would be substantiated by fact.
3. belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion: the firm faith of the Pilgrims.
4. belief in anything, as a code of ethics, standards of merit, etc.: to be of the same faith with someone concerning honesty.
5. a system of religious belief: the Christian faith; the Jewish faith.
6. the obligation of loyalty or fidelity to a person, promise, engagement, etc.: Failure to appear would be breaking faith.
7. the observance of this obligation; fidelity to one's promise, oath, allegiance, etc.: He was the only one who proved his faith during our recent troubles.
8. Christian Theology. the trust in God and in His promises as made through Christ and the Scriptures by which humans are justified or saved.

I just thought this would perhaps anyone who didn't know the definition of faith vs. belief-

First of to the anonymous commenter.
I wonder why you keep popping by Julie's blog-perhaps you are searching for a truth.....keep reading and you'll find it.

Julie, thankyou for you COURAGE to keep writing about the things that matter to you.....and sharing your faith in our MIGHTY GOD!
I wish I had the ability to see the picture in my mind more clearly when I pray......
I need to trust more and actually BELIEVE that my prayers about things as big as a mulberry tree
will be answered.

Lovella ♥ said...

Thank you Julie. . .blessings!

Betty said...

I consider it a privilege to have "found" your blog and you have always been a blessing to me with your posts! This post speaks to me again. The biggest "worry" I have on my mind these days is for my oldest daughter who lives in BC. She is 23, a christian and still single. Her biggest wish is to find a partner for her life. Of course I pray for her constantly and have faith in my Lord that He will "let" her find someone. But sometimes it´s hard. Sometimes I think,did I do something (like not obey somewhere) or do I not believe enough? Maybe His answer is NO.?
I don´t know. It´s been on my mind for a while now and this post brings my questions to the surface again.
Julie, can I ask you to pray for Marisa? I consider you to be a "holy woman" and if you pray for her as would just mean so much to me!
Thank you so much for writing this post and may God bless you this week!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

The concept that the entire universe was created via words, and that Jesus is called the Word made flesh...makes me marvel and wonder how much we shy away from speaking words in His Name to our mulberry trees. We are told to do so, yet hestitate. I know I hesitate because sometimes I am not sure what really is needed to be done.

Anonymous said...

My faith has found a resting I know yours has Julie. Like the old song goes...I need no other argument, I need no other plea. It is enough that Jesus died and that He died for me. May God continue to bless you and give you continued courage and joy to share what He puts on your heart. Kathy

Elsie said...

Amen to everything you said, Julie!