Friday, October 23, 2009

Because My Battery Pack Died

All of us at times encounter a seemingly insurmountable boulder of circumstance that presents itself on our life path.
I watched a lesson unfold yesterday enacted by a little child ,that I would have missed, except that my battery pack died. God uses whatever He can to get us into His classroom and often it is by the very things that annoy us!

My husband and I drove to the Cheam Wetlands yesterday afternoon to take photos of the beautiful fall colours reflected on the water. I had taken quite a few photos when my battery pack died and since I could no longer capture any images, I went to sit in the car waiting for Vic to finish his last shots. I'm so glad I did because the following picture lesson unfolded before my eyes.

My attention was drawn to a family lingering not far from our car. Grandparents, their daughter and two little grandsons. The youngest, who could not have been more than two was a tiny bundle of all-boy energy.

Placed along the perimeter of the parking lot were large boulders that immediately attracted the little boy's adventurous spirit and he began climbing them, his older quieter brother watching and following his lead.

Then he spotted this boulder... a little bigger than all the rest !

His eyes lit up with the challenge of the climb and he rushed up to it and tried to climb its almost smooth face. The boulder is about 30" high and if he stretched to his full stretch he could just reach up to the top of the boulder but the round surface had no finger holds and there was no notch to place his feet. He struggled, calling for help to his mom and grandparents but all he got was an ignoring smile. His three or four year old brother standing on the other side of the boulder reached over to grab his hands and pulled but that did not even lift his tiny feet off the ground. He gave it a valiant effort but had to finally give up.

He started to walk (run) away but gave one reluctant glance back over his shoulder. Immediately his body language changed when he realized that this boulder had another side to it .... this one !!

Here was provided a convenient step . Reaching his leg as high as it would go , he could just barely catch onto this step and pull himself up to the top of the boulder. It took him but a second and he was sitting at the top ! I heard the exuberance in his words... "I made it !! I made it !! It's amazing !! It's amazing !!! "

I saw the lesson immediately. How often we only look at the 'boulder' circumstances of our life from one side... if we walk around to God's side of it , we find that He has already provided a step, a way to conquer it , to climb to the top and experience the exuberance of victory ! The accomplishment of overcoming to where our view is through God's eyes and not our own is where we see His purposes and from where our joyous victory song can be heard by all who are watching !! "I made it! God is amazing!"

1Co 15:57 "But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."


Lovella ♥ said...

oh the joy of people watching. There is a lesson in every moment. . if we take the time to watch.
Thank you Julie.

Betty said...

Julie I love how you find the lesson..

Tammie said...

I have a friend who sees things like you do, and she often says, "That'll preach!"

Preach on, my sweet sister!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Great lesson Julie!