Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Heart Mender - book review

Someone once said that there is no work of fiction that was not somewhere rooted in fact.

The author of 'The Heart Mender' insists that his story is true and I believe that it is. But unless you believe in a Master Weaver of life and its events, Andy Andrews' story seems incredulous.

It all starts with the death of a tree. A necessary and common occurrence in nature and yet this tree hid a secret that would never have been uncovered except the tree died and needed to be cut down.

Forgiveness and second chances and the wisdom of those the world considers 'less than' are the themes of this book's pages.

The story is masterfully told and , even though the suspicions arise early in the reader's mind as to the outcome of the story, the suspense holds to the last pages.

"Except you forgive... " Jesus taught the importance of forgiveness. While we all find reasons not to forgive the most hurtful offences committed against us, the fact remains that unforgiveness in a cancer that destroys from the inside out. To forgive is a choice, a decision that sets the captive free - free to enjoy the best that God has waiting.

I don't want to give the story away .... but encourage you to read it for yourself.


Karin said...

A review that makes me want to go out and get the book! I, too, have always believed that every piece of fiction is somehow rooted in the facts of someone's life experiences. Thanks!

Truth said...

Hmmm...I might have to read this one. Seems to be a theme of the day. Thanks.

Anneliese said...

What a well done review! You've got me curious.

Lovella ♥ said...

It sounds like a very good read Julie, you have me wanting to read it ..thank you.

Judy said...

Now you have me interested. Good review, Julie.

Trish said...

Hey, sounds like a great read Julie. Haven't been around for a while but must come back more regularly. This sounds like a great book to get for those long stormy nights here.