Friday, May 27, 2011

A Pink World

There is a Cherry-Blossom tree where I live that is glorious in pink splendor every spring. Not only is the tree loaded with 'pink' but the falling double rose-like blossoms fall to cover the grass under the tree!

Recently, a young friend of mine celebrated her 17th birthday with a 'Pink' party.
After the party she wrote a poem. She gave her permission for me to share it.

A Pink Teen
She was Pink.
And all she ever wanted was Pink.
Pink... Pink, Pink, Pink.
Pink paint, Pink walls and a Pink Royal Ball
To which all who attended were Pink.
Pink crown, Pink hair, and a Pink teddy bear
Given to her by a prince who wore Pink.
Just think ... Pink !... a world painted in Pink!
She wanted no fur, nor mink, not any un-Pink thing.
For all she ever wanted ... was Pink.
Pink love, Pink tears, Pink through all the years
Until her life blazed the color of Pink.

What color will your life be?
by McKenzie Rigney

When I first read her poem, I smiled and thought - What a sweet little poem but the question in the last line hung itself on my mind and made me think.
I realized there was a deeper underlying meaning in the words of McKenzie's poem.

The girl in the poem loved 'pink'. Every choice she made was coloured by 'pink'. If it wasn't pink she turned away from it. It was her overriding focus - Pink - the color that brought harmony and beauty and unity in her life!
She was not satisfied... her yearning was not stilled... not until her whole world blazed with Pink!

What color will your world be? What colour mine?

Each of us is offered a palette of colour from which we choose the color that will eventually determine the visual reality of our life.

Some people choose the color of money. Their choices, their goals, their decisions are coloured by the questions... How will this be good financially? What is the monetary advantage here? What is this worth? Is this a promising investment? What is the return for my time spent? More and more their life will brushed until there is nothing left that is not painted the color 'money.

Some people choose the color of self. Their choices, values, motives are painted by the questions... How will this make me feel? Will this make me look good? Will this give me what I want? Me, me, me is the only paint-loaded brush that colors their character, their life... until every is painted the color of 'self'.

Some people chose the color of ego/pride. They load their paint brush to paint .. asking .. How will this give me the advantage over others? How can I show my superiority - intellectually or otherwise? Where can I put others down to show myself higher? Where/how can I find opportunity to put myself in control or be the one with the final word? Finally, with their whole world painted with 'pride' they find themselves alone.

Others may choose the color love. In every situation their brush is ready to pain ... Will I find love here? Can I show love here? Will this choice/decision make me feel loved?

Other choices are made. Some choose the color or discontent.. or the default color of anger. Some may choose the color of good works, the colour of giving or the color of giving their life in service to others.

Our color of choice will keep painting our life until we are known for our color. People will see what our overriding desire are, what motivates us, what determines the value of what we accept or reject.

But how can we know that in the end we will be happy with the color we have painted our world? I believe no matter how pretty or appealing a color may initially look.. there is only one color that will ultimately satisfy us with lasting beauty.

I want the color of my life to be the color of Jesus Christ. I want my thoughts to be a color reflection of His thoughts. I want my actions to be painted with the color of His love in me. I want my reactions to be pained with the color of obedience in forgiveness and grace. I desire the glow of His countenance to be reflected on mine. I want my motives, goals, choices, decisions to be painted with the color of His Word. I will reject all that is un-Jesus. I desire for my world to be ablaze with this one color so that those who look at my life will see and recognize the color of Jesus.

What would the world be like if everyone chose the color of Jesus?

We cannot paint the whole world but we can paint our life 'spot' in it - imagine spots joining to spots until there is a coming together in the unity and harmony of ONE color that the world will not be able to ignore !!

"Till we all come to the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness (color) of Christ!" Eph. 4:13


Judy said...

May that be my 'true colour'...the fullness of life in Christ.

Love the pink blossoms...on the tree and on the ground!

ellen b. said...

Yes, that is the best choice for sure...

Karin said...

What a beautiful post! May the joy of Jesus Christ color your world!

Kathy said...

Thanks for encouraging me to make the right choice.
Beautiful blossoms!

Anneliese said...

Now I would have never gotten that from that poem.. but what a lesson!
I guess the question is .. what or who colors my world?

Anonymous said...

I love the gift the Lord has given you of seeing deeper things and then writing about them in a view of the Lord.
God Bless
Sandy in NC

Betty said...

I saw the beautiful pink and I knew you'd have a wonderful lesson for us, Julie:)