Monday, June 18, 2012

Creative Witness

I was reading Habakkuk 2 this morning and was struck by one of the verses that reminded me of an experience my granddaughter shared with me.

The verse is Habakkuk 2:14 which says.."For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."   

What part of the sea is not covered with water ?  It is not even a question, is it...there is no place the water does not cover!  It flows to the lowest places and spreads as far as the sea reaches.
I thought of the fact that  as I pray for loved ones that do not yet know the Lord, I often pray that God will use whatever He can to bring Himself into their thoughts or awareness.

How creative God can be in His reaching out into people's lives was brought home to me by the following story told to me by my granddaughter.

My granddaughter and her friend were enjoying time together at a local lake, sitting on the pier as they conversed one with another.
The friend was recently baptised, having given her life to the Lord.  My granddaughter told me how much she had changed. Although she no longer did drugs nor kept company with her old friends who did, they still sought her out begging her to hang out with them.

As they sat on the pier, two of these friends happened by and greeted their old friend saying, "Let's hang out together!"   Without waiting for an invitation, the two girls joined my granddaughter and her friend on the pier.  They pulled out their drugs and started smoking them.  My granddaughter's friend said, "Let's just leave", and they walked away.
A short distance later, my granddaughter realized she had left her cell phone on the pier.  Her friend said .. "No, I don't want to go back!"   and on impulse took out her own cell phone and said... "Here, let me call your cell to see if it really is still on the pier."
My granddaughter's friend's name is Christa and my granddaughter shows her as Christ on her cell display, purposely having left off the 'a'.
No one answered the cell and the girls reluctantly went back to the pier to  retrieve the cell.    Approaching the spot where the two girls were still smoking pot, they noted that one of them had the cell phone in her hand looking at it .  Looking up at my granddaughter and her friend she said, "Is this your phone ??  It says that Christ is calling!"
My granddaughter and her friend immediately confirmed .. "Yes, that is soo true !! Christ really IS calling YOU!"  

I wonder if that young girl had a grandmother who was concerned for her granddaughter and praying for God's influence to be brought across her path.


charlotte mgcc said...

That is such a neat story, you wonder if that call made the other girls think about their own life at all.....A believers prayer avails much...that is what I believe.

Anneliese said...

I love that your granddaughter shared this story with you.It gives you insight on how to pray for her too. It's not easy for teen-agers in today's culture, but God continues to cover with His love and grace... as the waters cover the earth.

ellen b. said...

Love this story Julie! Yes Christ is calling :0)

Sandy said...

Thank you so much for this example, Julie....I am in fervent prayer for my sons who have gone"MIA" on the Lord....Following their flesh...and my hubby who is so angry with the Lord because of so called Christians in the last church we were at...Very emergent church and No BIBLE studies with the BIBLE...I am weary standing in gap for them....And then your story today....Renewed my focus on praying all the more....."Christ is calling"
Love from NC

Kathy said...

Softly and tenderly He is calling. I'm so glad you shared this story.

Unknown said...

Bless God for this message.

Richard Chukwugozi said...

Bless God for this message.