Friday, November 14, 2014

"And Jesus Stood ..."

Last Sunday, we had as invited guests in our morning church service,
 the veterans of a local Legion,
 who came with the pageantry associated with Remembrance Day. 
What stood out to me and played over and over in my mind was the part of the presentation when someone was instructed to read the names of the Legions' veterans who had died this year. 
The names were called out one by one, and then these words were spoken ..
"They do not answer, they do not answer."  

The words haunted me and in my mind I visualized a very different scenario. 

Every day there are estimated to be as many as 450 Christians who are martyred for their faith. 
Every day!
That is one every three minutes.
Are they forgotten? 

In my mind I see each one as they step over death's threshold into Life. 
Jesus rises to His feet, 
even as He did for the church's first martyr, Stephen, 
and He calls out their name. 
No need to turn to His Father and say ...
'They do not answer."  
For there is a joyous, victorious, answering cry,
 "I am here!" 
before they fall to their knees to worship the one for whom they  died. 

This Sunday* is International Day of Prayer 
for the Persecuted Christians.  
Will we remember those who die for their faith?
 Pray for those are are living in danger today, 
knowing that if they testify of their faith 
it could cost them everything they hold dear in this earthly life?   
Will we remember their families who are left trying to survive without their loved one - 
spouses left to be a single parent in difficult, even impossible situations, 
children who must now grow up without the love and guidance of one or both their  parents. 

We enjoy our freedom in the lap of luxury, how easy it is to forget the privilege that is ours.  
It is not our right, it could one day change and we too called to be faithful  in the face of martyrdom.  
Will someone pray for us ? 

   "Remember the prisoners as if chained with them
—those who are mistreated—
since you yourselves are in the body also." 
Hebrews 13:3

* There are several days in November given as the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted church, but the day we pray is not so important as that we remember to pray - every day. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that reminder this morning, Julie. I'm praying today. irene klassen

Anneliese said...

Hard to think that so many Christians die for their faith every day... and we hardly hear about it. We have also been reminded to pray more for the persecuted. Thank you, Julie.

Marg said...

It's hard to believe that so many are being persecuted...Thanks for that reminder...that we pray especially for those in the middle east.