Monday, February 20, 2017

The Great Artist

Yesterday we spent some very enjoyable hours with our grand girls at the 
Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver. 
I am posting some of our photos to give glory to our God who filled our earth with so many reasons to be awed at the beauty created by a Mind so infinitely greater than ours. 
Scroll through these photos as an act of worship to our God of Wonder. 
"Oh that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! 
Let them exalt Him.... !" 
 Psalm 107:31,32a

Hmmmm..... wonder if that would work for my nest ! 

      Worth a try ...

Its hard to see but there is a bird inside the nest trying to pull the plant into his nest !

 Every spring this bird loses his long tail, and then grows it again.

 "Just sayin' ......"

"It was just Christmas, wasn't it ?"

"Green with envy ... nah ... just like the color."

"Thought I'd dress up for the photo-op."

"Ain't I the brightest bird out on a limb !"

"Do you like my new eye liner?|"

Latest designer colors....  wouldn't these colors make the prettiest room decor?

"All these feathers make me itchy ... uggg"

"There .. that feels a little better .... "

"Ok.... I'm all feathered down again !!"
This bird is apparently the 'naughty' boy ....  and he speaks 40 phrases.
I was sorry he refused to converse with us! 

Perhaps the black-headed is the male? the red-headed the female?

 Like my new fascinator?

And a few of the lovely plants creating a Paradise for the birds 


Anneliese said...

What a beautiful visit to the Conservatory! It's been a long time since I've been there, but I think I'd like to take our grandkids there now. Those birds are just amazing! To realize that God created such uniqueness - in just birds! Makes me almost laugh as there is not a hairstyle or color out there that people think they came up with!

Judy said...

For the beauty of the earth....
Lord of all to Thee we raise
This our song of countless praise!

So beautiful....all the blooms and birds. Thanks for taking us on a tour. I have never been there.

ellen b said...

Beautiful indeed, the birds and the exotic plants.

Elaine said...

Words cannot expression the wonder and beauty of God's creations -- the flowers and the birds! The colors are so vibrant, and I also love the pastel blue and grey bird.

Sandy said...

I love all the colors on the birds and their shapes are all so different.
The foliage and the flowers are beautiful as well. God has certainly created
beauty all over: from the mountains, to the plains, to the oceans and rivers, the deserts and everything inbetween...The snow and ice in the winter to spring waking up from the winter
rest, the summer in warmth and greenery and back to autumn with all the brilliant colors on the tres....HE created it all for our good pleasure..........Oh what a Great GOD we have.
Thank you for sharing His creation with us at the Conservatory...You sure had a wonderful time being there with all the beauty.
Love from NC