Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Sin Evidences in Broken Relationships

Love in any language warms our hearts , doesn't it ?

This morning I opened my Bible to Isaiah 59:1,2  which says ... 
"Behold , the Lord's hand is not shortened, that I cannot save, 
nor His ear heavy, that it cannot hear. 
But your iniquities have separated you from your God
 and your sins have hidden His face from you."

As I read and pondered those verses,  a thought struck me  -- 
 'Sin can be measured by broken relationships'.  
 I realized that every sin affects a relationship,  with God and/or  another person. 
Is there a sin that does not evidence itself in broken relationship ?  I can not think of one. 

Perhaps the strongest proof text is  I John 2:10,  that states there is no sin in the one who walks in love.  Therefore the converse is also true -  sin lurks in the absence of love.   
God is love and when our words or actions are not motivated by love, we hide or separate ourselves from each other and also from  God. 
As Jesus said, all the commandments are summed up in 'love' -- that we "love God and love our neighbor." 

Understanding the Hebrew word for love gives us a wonderful definition of what 'love' lived out is.  Looking at the letters of the Hebrew word for love we see the following meaning -  "love is to give - it connects the giver and the receiver -- until they become as one".   
Isn't that what Jesus also said?  "Love thy neighbor as yourself?"     
So  agape love is to give to another until it is the same as giving to oneself. 
We have just celebrated the greatest sacrifice  ever made to restore relationship between us and God - sin separated us, but Jesus' love restored us! 

But to go back to my original thought that sin always results, or evidences,  in broken relationship.  
If I am upset with my husband and think angry thoughts , even if I say nothing to him,  he feels it and there is a 'brokenness' in our relationship. - whether or not I feel justified in my feelings.  
If I have an unthankful attitude,  it will show in my criticism or complaining and again I have affected my  relationships with others.   
If I am rude to a salesperson who does not meet my expectations of service,   I have broken a relationship. 
I think you can make your own list .... 
If there is a break in relationship, we cannot deny that sin is present. 
A broken relationship with another person also affects our relationship with God, as do our 'secret' sins. 

If there is  a broken relationship between us and someone -- be it big or small -- and we come to God in prayer ... then let us remember what He says in Matthew 5:24 , and "as much as depends on you"(Romans 12:18) restore our relationships. 

"Leave your gift (prayer) there before the altar, and go your way. 
First be reconciled to your brother,
 and then come and offer your gift (prayer)." 

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Anneliese said...

So much truth here about love and the effects of sin. Sin separates us but love restores.