Wednesday, August 30, 2023

The Chicory Plant


On our way to church on Sunday, I admired  the lovely blue Chicory flowers blooming beside the road.  I have noticed that they seem to really like the sides of the roads -  i have not seen them growing elsewhere !  

And I thought ....   hmmmm.... there has to be a lesson here !  

I googled the Chicory plant to see if it was true that they preferred to bloom beside the road.  Apparently, they do !  For two reasons.  
One - not many plants/flowers grow beside the road, so they have chosen to bloom there because there is little competition for space!  
 Two -  they rather like rocky, dry, clay soil conditions, as provided roadside.
I did not make that up... you can google it for yourself. 

I realized the Chicory paralleled our life as believer's. 

Separated and set apart .  
When we chose the Lord, and are born-again, we are separated and set apart for His glory! 
We  chose to withdraw from the crowded places of the world,  so we can 'grow' beside the roads less traveled where we do not have to compete for space or position..   
The chicory could have chosen to bloom in lush fields or shaded forests, but it chose to sacrifice the world's best for its higher calling and purpose. 
So we, as believers, have rejected the lure of what the world offers - the glitz, the glory, the fame or fortune, the comfort.   Instead, we have chosen the higher calling and purpose we have in Jesus, even though it is a life of sacrifice and separation. ( John 17:15,16)

Set on a hill 
If the chicory had chosen to bloom in fields or forest glades, it would have only been noticed by those who sought out those places.  But growing beside the roadway, it is seen by every passerby.   
We too, like the chicory, are positioned so that we are seen by those who pass us by and notice we have something to offer .  We are the light to the world, we are the city set on a hill, we are  God's love extended to the world,  
(Matt. 5:14) 

Called to serve 
The Chicory is an edible and medicinal plant and the leaves, flowers and roots are all useful!   
Isn't that the purpose of every believer?   That we are 'food' for those who are hungry - physically and spiritually.  That we bring 'healing' to those who are sick or suffering, comfort and hope to those who are mourning or in despair.  And just like the Chicory offers its very life so that its roots can be ground into coffee -  so we too are called to lay down our lives for the brethren.  (I John 3:16)

Difficult or dry places
When all goes well,  when looks life we have it all together,  the passers-by look and think , well, sure .. why wouldn't they be happy?  everything goes their way!  
But when things go sideways, when difficulty and hardship and persecution comes our way, and we 'keep blooming' THEN  the world takes notice and wonders what we have that can make us keep our joy in the midst of a difficult situation or life.   
Just as the Chicory is noticed and admired because it can grow and thrive where other plants quickly die, so we too have a visible witness to those who pass us by.  (Acts 1:8, I Peter 4:19))

Look up! 
I love the colour  of the chicory, is it looking up to reflect the blue sky above?
Are we not called to 'look up' into the face of Jesus and reflect His image in our life?
(II Cor. 3:18)  

Called into His rest! 
There is one more thing the Chicory pictures for us.   Have you noticed it only blooms in the morning and 'rests' for most of the day?  
Isn't that what we are called to do as well?   Enjoy the 'rest' Jesus promised us?  He does not burden us with tasks that weary us, He does not ask more of us than what we can give.  He asks of us only what He has already enabled us to do. 

 "Come to Me, all you who are heavy labor and are heavy laden 
and I will give you REST .. 
Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me for I am
 gentle and lowly in heart 
and you will find REST for your souls.
 For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."...
Matt. 11:28-30

"Thank you, Chicory, for your faithfulness in reminding us every time we look at you of who we are in Christ and how we should live in the world ! "  


Rick/Ruthie said...

Wonderful insights from the lovely chickory plant!

ellen b. said...

If anyone could gather all these lessons from the Chicory Plant, you could! Nice digging, Julie!

Shannon Mackle said...
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