Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Urgent Prayer Request

My niece Cherie's" mother-in-law - 59 year old Linda- had surgery today to remove her pericardium (sac the heart sits in) The surgery went well but complications after surgery caused her organs to shut down. She is now in an induced coma, but doctors are not hopeful.
Please pray for a healing miracle and for salvation.
And please pray for the family .
Thank you!
Please read Cherie's update under comments.
Thank you for your continued prayers! The family is very grateful.

Cherie is posting regular updates under the comments of this post so please check back to see God working!! Thank you for your concern and prayers!!


Demara said...

I will pray Julie!!!

My eyes look to the heavens from where my help comes from...

Carolanne said...

I'll be praying.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Julie,

Thanks for your prayers. As of last night they had Linda on a machine with a balloon to pump her heart for her to give her heart a rest. She is stabilized but kept sedated. Her heart is beating on its own which is good.

At about 11 last night Scott called and said that her blood pressure had risen a little which is a small good sign.

As of about 2 in the morning they had put her on kidney dialisis and now her kidneys are functioning normally on the dialisis machine and her blood pressure has risen some more and she is still stable and sedated.

As of now the team of transplant specialists are meeting to decide the next course of action since she can only be on that machine for 72 hours. These are the options they will be discussing:

1. That her heart was just in trauma from the operation and needed a rest and will begin to start funtioning peoperly on its oown again - obviously the option we are hoping for.

2. That she needs a heart transplant and is indeed a candidate according to the hospital and that they can find a donor in time.

3. That they install a mechanical heart for her in which case her quality of life would be much less than what she is used to which we know she doesn't want.

I will update you all when I hear more. I don't know why but a woke up with a sort of peace this morning fellong that everything was gonna be okay - maybe that is all of your prayers putting me at ease. I thank you all for your continued prayers and support throughout this ordeal. You are all greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Scott Just called and said that they did an echo on her heart today and it seems to be funtioning fine - her kidneys are functioning as well. Her heart didn't dialate which they thought it might so that too is a good sign. They woke her up for a few minutes today - she couldn't see or talk but she was nodding in response to the things they asked her and she could wiggle her toes and everything. They sedated her right away again so she didn't freak out about what was going on and put more strain on the heart. They are going to do another echo again tomorrow and then decide the next course of action although the doc seemed confident that she would improve on her own.

HOWEVER, the x ray that they took of her lungs in royal columbian revealed a small 3inch lump in one of her lungs - if it is cancerous she is not eligible for a transplant if she needs one. If she does recover on her own - there is still the issue of this lump to deal with and hopefully it is benign and not cancerous.

Also, Scott got a call from the care home where his grandfather is staying - they think he may have fluid on his lungs so they have asked Scott to take him to the doctor tonight - So on top of it all he has another family issue to deal with. Hopefully there it is just a cold.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Lindas recovery and I ask that you now add his Grandfather Bill to the list as well. I will continue to keep you updated as I know more - Probably won't hear anything else till tomorrow

Thanks again for your love and support


Anonymous said...

I too will pray. Let us not grow weary in prayer. Many of you have been praying for our family (Willy) and it is a privelege to pray for you too. Standing together. Kathy (Jer. 29:11)

Anonymous said...

So as of about 9 pm his mom was still stable and seemed to be better - Today will be the true test. They are going to wake her up a bit again today and do a few other tests between 9 and 11 to decide the next course of action. Also today we hope to get more information regarding the lump in her lung - hopefully not cancer.

Scott took his grandfather - Peeps as we call him - to the hospital last night and they admitted him - they want to leep him there for a few days. They said his blood vessels were inflamed - don't know the technical term - and he may have a Thyroid problem, also there is fluid in or around his lungs so they were going to be checking that as well. They did an ecg on his heart and it is fine though. They are keeping him in emergency since they are 20 beds short right now at MSA. Crazy. So today Scott was gonna go visit him in the morning and then go to Vancouver to visit his mom.

Your continued prayers for all of them is still greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!


Lovella ♥ said...

. .still praying. I've been amazed at how this prayer chain works. isn't the Lord good?