Friday, October 12, 2007

Winning the Lost

Proverbs 11:30 - “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life and he that winneth souls is wise.”

There used to be a lot more talk among Christians about winning the lost to Christ. Now I hear talk about being ‘seeker sensitive’ and being careful not to be offensive to the non-Christian.

Sometimes in being so careful not to ‘offend’ we also withhold the blessing of showing someone the way to be saved .

We were invited out to a restaurant dinner by our neighbour along with other invited guests.

While we knew some of the people there , others we had never met. I happened to be sitting close to a Dutch couple who had immigrated from Holland a year and a half ago with their three kids – 11 -15 years old.
They left a beautiful, large home , a very successful business and all their family and friends.
They are doing very well here and speak English perfectly.

Vic (my husband) was asked to say grace, and he stood to pray. When he sat down the Dutch man turned to me and said. “You would never see that in Holland, someone standing to pray in a restaurant..You would not see any one pray at all ! Just seeing that makes me happy I am here.”

He then told me that he had not known God at all in Holland, but he had met Him since he came to Canada and now he LOVED Him. He said because of his immigration he had found God and that alone made it worth leaving their families behind. They had found a good home church and were growing in the faith.
He spoke of how a year and a half ago he had been a ‘bad man’. Not bad in the eyes of the world , perhaps, but in God’s eye… he swore and thought bad thoughts… now he said his mind was clear and clean and he was so happy !!!
He was so refreshing to listen to.
Across the table sat a couple that we have met several times. The husband, "John" has engaged us in conversations about our faith and loves to ask questions about what we believe.
I noticed that as I was talking with this Dutch man, "‘John" was listening very intently. At one point he said to the Dutch man …”I’m surprised you are so open in talking about this.”
I know God is watching to make sure someone is planting seeds in "John’s" heart, sending someone else to water them and one day I am praying that "John" will be part of the harvest.

I find it so beautiful to watch how God seeks out those who have a hunger in their heart to know Him and then guides them to places and people who will show them the way to the cross to meet Him.

The Lord is the Master of the Vineyard and has called for labourers…. If we don’t do the work, who will?

Let us not be slothful in our service, but eagerly looking for opportunities.

“Now he who plants and he who waters are one, and each one will receive his own reward according to his own labour.” ( I Cor. 3:8)

We ,as believers, really have the answer the world is looking for. I came across this 'author unknown' gem a couple of days ago.....

Indulgence says, "Drink your way out." Philosophy says, "Think your way out." Science says , "Invent your way out." Communism says, "Strike your way out." Militarism says, "Fight your way out." Christ says, "I AM THE WAY OUT!"


Truth said...

What a refreshing evening! I think we have gone way overboard with the seeker-sensitive thing. I do understand that some churches are hell, fire, and brimstone and judge people at the door-never letting them in. But how sad that so many come in the doors and never hear the truth.

Judy said...

So true...and a challenge to us to speak up for Christ openly, rather than being so careful not to offend. Julie...I'm adding your name to my links, if that's OK with you.

Demara said...

How do you know if you've won souls?

How do you know if you're righteous?

What might the individual rewards be for our own efforts of work?

If you don't know if you've won souls, how do you know if you're doing things right?

If you don't know if your righteous or not, how can you be righteous in the first place?

Aw, you make me think. Think hard. Julie...

I just want those souls that are drawn to Jesus in me to come to me...Jesus does say that cometh unto me and I will give you rest...all those that are thirsty come and drink. Perhaps I have searching souls all around me at this new job, and God is using me there. Because man, there sure is a lot of cursing, backstabbing, and a very heavy negative, dark haze over SO MANY there, it's very smothering.

Carolanne said...

YOu know what's really interesting? The Dutch have had a very strong influence in bringing Christian schools to our country. The school I am employed by has a very strong Dutch influence and in fact, there was a Dutch settlement in the farms of the neighbouring town. The church we attend is very dutch oriented.

But you're right - 'evangelism' seems to have been relegated to a past day and age and people forget how important it still is to witness and tell others about Christ.

Lovella ♥ said...

This is a post that is such an encouragement to believers. It reminds me of a chorus that basically says that if we don't speak the truth of Christ . .the rocks will cry out.
Oh Lord. . .we want to be your vessel to show the way.