Monday, March 30, 2009

Clouds and Ducks

Psa 36:5 "Your mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens; Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds."

Yesterday was on of those days that called your name to enjoy the outdoors. My sister-in-law called after church and asked if we wanted to go for a walk. Of course we said yes, and we enjoyed a beautiful stroll around a lake in a park near Bill and Janet's home.

I had my camera and took photos.
My favorite ones - of clouds and ducks and geese on the water.
They had a theme in common.


I noticed how my photo below shows God's faithfulness both in the reflected clouds and the goose and gander who mate for life!

Ducks also mate for life and I smiled at how they were never far apart from each other getting ready to build a nest and raise a family together.

Examples of faithfulness in the lifelong mating of birds or animals in nature always warms my heart because it reminds me that even though faithfulness is something that is no longer greatly valued in our society, God's examples in His creation still serve to encourage us that faithfulness is and always will be important to Him.

Our unchanging God is a God who is faithful and calls us to faithfulness as well - To Him, to His Word, to each other in marriage , in friendship - Faithfulness in our commitments and duties and prayer and caring for those in need.

As I looked at my downloaded photos yesterday, my heart thought was .. "How beautiful faithfulness looks!"


Sit A Spell said...

Wow...what a wonderful blog you have! I love wild life...can't believe that deer is wanting your apple right in your hand! You have a beautiful view too...isn't God good?! I lived in Colorado for yrs and loved the mtns and blue sky. God has me up north in MI for now.


Demara said...

I was there too, at that same park, yesterday an hour after sunset! at least I'm pretty sure we walked the same park It was a beautiful day!! and we got to see many interesting things...God is faithful isn't he?!?!?

I LOVE sunny Sundays! :o)

Lovella ♥ said...

I am always amazed at how God's creation hasn't forgotton how God meant life to be .. it is wonderful to watch his creation around us.
Today I was looking at fossils in the rock by the shore.. too amazing. . knowing that God made those too.