Friday, March 27, 2009

What Stands Out

When our friends were here from Mississippi, we took them cross country skiing at night under the lights at Hollyburn - Cypress Mt.
We stopped for supper at the old hut that stands off to the side of the Nordic trails. It is old and rustic to the point of being beyond worthy of repair. I took a picture of some of our party sitting in the newer end of it.

When we entered the room, my eye was immediately drawn to the one spot of beauty - one little stained glass pane in one of the old windows. It so stood out because of its contrast with the drab look of the rest of the room. Before we left I went to take a close up photo of it.

It made me think.... beauty among beauty is easily overlooked, but beauty in the midst of ugliness stands out ! It's beauty is not diminished by the worn out or ugly but rather enhanced ! Just like a candle shines brighter in a dark place than it does in the glare of the noon day sun.

I thought of the beauty of Christ that we, His followers, are called to show to the world. There is no doubt that our world can be an ugly place, and is becoming increasingly so.

Do we stand out as this window pane - not in the least affected by the evil or darkness around us? Or have we allowed - either by sloth, or careless sin, or discouragement - our beauty to be tarnished by the world? Have we begun to take on the look of what is around us , or do we STAND OUT !!

We have so many opportunities to stand out.... and it is not through the good blessings we enjoy but rather how we shine in the difficult, the dark, the discouraging times of our life. That is when we will draw attention if we keep the beauty of Christ shining through us.

I think I learned another lesson from this stained glass window too. A few days ago, I lost the main marquise diamond out of my engagement ring, that I have worn for 44 years. It wasn't the first time I lost it. ( you can read about the other time, and the miracle here )

I couldn't believe that I could have lost it again, and of course felt that sick, sinking feeling in my stomach.

I knew I had not lost it outside the house, but the last thing I had done before I noticed the empty setting, was the dishes -- rinsing, unloading the dishwasher, loading it. Vic took everything apart - all the plumbing. We searched everywhere we could think to look, but nothing.

In grieving over my loss, I thought about what was really important. I thought about women who had recently lost their husbands and thought about how gladly they would give up their rings to have their husband back. So I looked at Vic and told him that I was so thankful that I still had him - that it was my diamond I had lost and not him.

I also thought about how different it was losing the stone this time from last time. Last time I didn't have the Lord in the picture - this time I did. This time I could trust Him that He could either help me find it again or use it for some purpose. This time I know that everything that is of eternal value is still mine. I loved my diamond, but other things are infinitely more valuable. The diamond, sentimental though I am about it, is just part of this world's treasure -- not heaven's treasure !

My prayer is that I will stand out for who Christ is in me - and that the things of this world will become ever more unimportant to me ...... until only He is left !

2Co 4:6 "For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ."


Lovella ♥ said...

Julie, I feel your pain about losing your diamond but can easily say that yes. . .I'd give up any of my jewellry in light of watching my very close friend .. who is my age. . .grieve her husband. I know that you say that with all truthfulness. . and I know too that our Lord can bless you with finding it if that would be his will.
In the meantime. . I hope that we stand out. . in a way that would draw instead of push .. towards Jesus.

Betty said...

As always, thought provoking and such a good post! Thank you for inspiring us to be beautiful in midst of the ugly world! It´s something I fail at, too often!

Trish said...

I loved your post of yesterday Julie. How sad about your diamond. But you are is only a 'symbol' of the real diamond...and the real meaning behind the ring. And you still have Him AND HIM! Grin. I love the little pain of glass in the place you went to . I would have drawn the same life lesson from it! I have spent the last 30 years looking for beauty where others have not seen it...and you know is always there. Sometimes it is more exquisite simply because it 'shines' in the midst of such adversity! Love the ya Julie. Thanks for sharing.

Seeker said...
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charlotte mgcc said... really touched me when you compared to loosing the diamond and still having what matters...i know that at times i take my husband and people who mean so much to me for granted.
my mind is still thinking about the beauty part and i am asking my self the i stand our for HIM as i should.....not enough that is for sure....

Demara said...

We ARE the light of the world, the city on a hill aren't we?

And yes this world is ugly and getting uglier!!

But God STANDS OUT everywhere, but I think for me He mostly stands out, outside!

I'm not sure I stand out as much as HE DOES though!

I HATE comparing myself...I don't think we should have to.

So how do we know? that we are standing out?? If not to compare to others?!?!?!

Julie said...

Paul says to compare ourselves one to another is unprofitable.. (II Cor.10:12) The only one we are to compare outselves to is Jesus... If we look like Him we WILL stand out - because His image in us will shine forth!

Demara said...

hmmm...I wonder,

do I look like Him?

(from your nice blogger profile pic above here I'd say you have His eyes!)

Betty said...

Love your posts Julie..there is always a lesson in there somewhere. I appreciate that a lot!